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Lou Dobbs Interview With Janet Murguia of the Council of La Raza

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“Wave of Hate”? More Propaganda From The Treason Lobbyists At La Raza

Anti-migrant hysteria could lead to uprising

The California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR) produced a CD with excerpts of radical, racist speeches by fifteen Latino elected officials, professors, students and community activists, with additional comments by Congressman Tom Tancredo, L.A. Talk Show Host Larry Elder, former CA Governor Gray Davis — ending with disturbing chants by MEChA students. [You may download each individual clip in mp3 format. A link is provided at the end of each individual transcript for your convenience].

These are the verbatim transcripts:

1) Armando Navarro, Prof. Ethnic Studies, UC Riverside at Latino Summit Response to Prop 187, UC Riverside, 1/1995
“These are the critical years for us as a Latino community. We’re in a state of transition. And that transformation is called ‘the browning of America’. Latinos are now becoming the majority. Because I know that time and history is on the side of the Chicano/Latino community. It is changing in the future and in the present the balance of power of this nation. It’s a game – it’s a game of power – who controls it. You (to MEChA students) are like the generals that command armies. We’re in a state of war. This Proposition 187 is a declaration of war against the Latino/Chicano community of this country. They know the demographics. They know that history and time is on our side. As one community, as one people, as one nation within a nation as the community that we are, the Chicano/Latino community of this nation. What this means is a transfer of power. It means control.”
Click here to download this audio clip.

2) Art Torres, former CA state senator, currently Chair of California Democrat Party at UC Riverside 1/1995
“Que viva la causa! It is an honor to be with the new leadership of the Americas, here meeting at UC Riverside. So with 187 on the ballot, what is it going to take for our people to vote – to see us walking into the gas ovens? It is electoral power that is going to make the determination of where we go as a community. And power is not given to you — you have to take it. Remember: 187 is the last gasp of white America in California. Understand that. And people say to me on the Senate floor when I was in the Senate, ‘Why do you fight so hard for affirmative action programs?’ And I tell my white colleagues, ‘because you’re going to need them.'”
Click here to download this audio clip.

3) Jose Angel Gutierrez, Prof. Univ. Texas at Arlington, founder La Raza Unida Party at UC Riverside 1/1995
“The border remains a military zone. We remain a hunted people. Now you think you have a destiny to fulfill in the land that historically has been ours for forty thousand years. And we’re a new Mestizo nation. And they want us to discuss civil rights. Civil rights. What law made by white men to oppress all of us of color, female and male. This is our homeland. We cannot – we will not- and we must not be made illegal in our own homeland. We are not immigrants that came from another country to another country. We are migrants, free to travel the length and breadth of the Americas because we belong here. We are millions. We just have to survive. We have an aging white America. They are not making babies. They are dying. It’s a matter of time. The explosion is in our population.”
Click here to download this audio clip.

4) Bill Richardson, New Mexico Governor, former U.S. Congressman, U.N. Ambassador, U.S. Sect’y of Energy interviewed on radio Latino USA responding to Congressional Immigration Reform legislation in 1996
“There are changing political times where our basic foundations and programs are being attacked, illegal and legal immigration are being unfairly attacked. We have to band together, and that means Latinos in Florida, Cuban-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Puerto Ricans, South Americans, we have to network better – we have to be more politically minded, we have to put aside party and think of ourselves as Latinos, as Hispanics more than we have in the past.”
Click here to download this audio clip.

5) Mario Obledo, founding member/former nat’l director of Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), former CA Sect’y Health/Welfare on Tom Leykis radio talk show
“We’re going to take over all the political institutions in California. In five years the Hispanics are going to be the majority population of this state.” Caller: “You also made the statement that California is going to become a Hispanic state and if anyone doesn’t like it they should leave – did you say that?” Obledo: “I did. They ought to go back to Europe.”
Click here to download this audio clip.

6) CCIR commentary on Mario Obledo
When CCIR, the California Coalition for Immigration Reform, erected a billboard on the California/Arizona border reading, “WELCOME TO CALIFORNIA, THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION STATE”, Mario Obledo, infuriated, went to the billboard location and threatened to blow it up or burn it down. Even after this threat to deny American citizens their freedom of speech, President Clinton awarded Obledo the Presidential Medal of Freedom, America’s highest civilian honor. CCIR question to Obledo: “Jose Angel Gutierrez said, ‘We have an aging white America, they are dying, I love it.’ How would you translate that statement?” Obledo: “He’s a good friend of mine. A very smart person.”
Click here to download this audio clip.

7) Richard Alatorre, former Los Angeles City Councilman at Latino Summit conference in Los Angeles opposing CA Prop. 209 ending affirmative action in 9/1996
“Because our numbers are growing, they’re afraid about this great mass of minorities that now live in our community. They’re afraid that we’re going to take over the governmental institutions and other institutions. They are right, we will take them over, and we are not going to go away – we are here to stay, and we are saying ‘ya basta’ (enough!) and we are going to turn… and de… not elect or re-elect people that believe that they are going to advance their political careers on the backs of immigrants and the backs of minorities.”
Click here to download this audio clip.

8) Joe Baca, former CA Assemblymember, currently member of Congress at Latino Summit Response to Prop 187 UC Riverside 1/1995 and Southwest Voter Registration Project annual conference in Los Angeles, 6/1996
“We need more Latinos out there. We must stand up and be counted. We must be together, We must be united. Because if we’re not united you know what’s going to happen? We’re like sticks – we’re broken to pieces. Divided we’re not together. But as a unit they can’t break us. So we’ve got to come together, and if we’re united, si se puede (it can be done) and we will make the changes that are necessary. But we’ve got to do it. We’ve got to stand together, and dammit, don’t let them divide us because that’s what they want to do, is to divide us. And once we’re divided we’re conquered. But when we look out at the audience and we see, you know, la familia, La Raza (the family, our race), you know, it’s a great feeling, isn’t it a good feeling? And you know, I started to think about that and it reminded me of a book that we all read and we all heard about, you know, Paul Revere, and when he was saying, ‘The British are coming, the British are coming!’ Well, the Latinos are coming, the Latinos are coming! And the Latinos are going to vote. So our voices will be heard. So that’s what this agenda is about. It’s about insuring that we increase our numbers. That we increase our numbers at every level. We talk about the Congressional, we talk about the Senate, we talk about board of supervisors, board of education, city councils, commissions, we have got to increase out numbers because the Latinos are coming. Because what’s going on right now, with 187, the CCRI (CA Civil Rights Initiative against affirmative action), and let me tell you, we can’t go back, you know, we’re in a civil war. But we need to be solidified, we need to come together, we must be strong, because united we form a strong body. United we become solidified, united we make a difference, united we make the changes, united Latinos will win throughout California, let’s stick together, que si se puede, que no? (it can be done, right?)
Click here to download this audio clip.

9) Antonio Villaraigosa, Chair of MEChA (student wing of Aztlan movement) at UCLA, former CA assemblymember, former CA Assembly speaker, currently Los Angeles City Councilman at Southwest Voter Registration Project Conference in Los Angeles, 6/1997
“Part of today’s reality has been propositions like 187 (to deny public benefits to illegal aliens, 1994), propositions like 209 (to abolish affirmative action, 1996), the welfare reform bill, which targeted legal immigrants and targeted us as a community. That’s been the midnight. We know that the sunny side of midnight has been the election of a Latino speaker – was the election of Loretta Sanchez, against an arch-conservative, reactionary hate-mongering politician like Congressman Dornan! Today in California in the legislature, we’re engaged in a great debate, where not only were we talking about denying education to the children of undocumented workers, but now we’re talking about whether or not we should provide prenatal care to undocumented mothers. It’s not enough to elect Latino leadership. If they’re supporting legislation that denies the undocumented driver’s licenses, they don’t belong in office, friends. They don’t belong here. If they can’t stand up and say, ‘You know what? I’m not ever going to support a policy that denies prenatal care to the children of undocumented mothers’, they don’t belong here.”
Click here to download this audio clip.

10) Gloria Molina, one of the five in Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors at Southwest Voter Registration Project Conference, 6/1996
“This community is no longer going to stand for it. Because tonight we are organizing across this country in a single mission, in a plan. We are going to organize like we’ve never organized before. We are going to go into our neighborhoods. We are going to register voters. We are going to talk to all of those young people that need to become registered voters and go out to vote and we’re are politicizing every single one of those new citizens that are becoming citizens of this country. And what we are saying is by November we will have one million additional Latino voters in this country, and we’re gonna march, and our vote is going to be important. But I gotta tell you, there’s a lot of people that are saying, ‘I’m gonna go out there and vote because I want to pay them back!’ And this November we are going to remember those that stood with us and we are also going to remember those that have stood against us on the issues of immigration, on the issues of education, on the issues of health care, on the issues of the minimum wage.”
Click here to download this audio clip.

11) Vicky Castro, former member of Los Angeles Board of Education at Southwest Voter Registration Project Conference, 6/1996
“Que viva la raza, que viva la raza (long live our race)! I’m here to welcome all the new voters of 18 years old that we’re registering now in our schools. Welcome, you’re going to make a difference for Los Angeles, for San Antonio, for New York, and I thank Southwest for taking that challenge. And to the Mechistas (MEChA students) across this nation, you’re going to make that difference for us, too. But when we register one more million voters I will not be the only Latina on the Board of Education of Los Angeles. And let me tell you here, no one will dismantle bilingual education in the United States of America. No one will deny an education to any child, especially Latino children. As you know, in Los Angeles we make up 70% of this school district. Of 600,000 — 400,000 are Latinos, and our parents are not heard and they’re going to be heard because in Los Angeles, San Antonio and Texas we have just classified 53,000 new citizens in one year that are going to be felt in November!”
Click here to download this audio clip.

12) Ruben Zacarias, former superintendent of Los Angeles Unified School District at Southwest Voter Registration Project Conference, 6/1997
“We have 27 centers now throughout LAUSD. Every one of them has trained people, clerks to take the fingerprints. Each one has the camera, that special camera. We have the application forms. And I’ll tell you what we’ve done with I.N.S. Now we’re even doing the testing that usually people had to go to INS to take, and pretty soon, hopefully, we’ll do the final interviews in our schools. Incidentally, I started this very quietly because there are those that if they knew that we were creating a whole new cadre of brand new citizens it would have tremendous political impact. We will change the political panorama not only of L.A., but L.A. County and the State. And we do that we’ve changed the panorama of the nation. I’m proud to stand here and tell you that in those close to three years we have processed a little over 78,000 brand new citizens. That is the largest citizenship program in the entire nation.”
Click here to download this audio clip.

13) Ernesto Zedillo, former president of Mexico announcing the Mexican constitutional amendment allowing for dual citizenship on 6/23/97
“I have proudly affirmed that the Mexican national extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders, and that Mexican migrants are an important – a very important part of it. For that reason my government proposed a constitutional amendment to allow any Mexican with the right as he desires to acquire another nationality to do so without being forced to first give up his or her Mexican nationality. fortunately, the amendment was passed almost unanimously by our federal Congress and is now part of our constitution. I am also here today to tell you that we want you to take pride in what each and every one of your Mexican brothers and sisters are doing back home.
Click here to download this audio clip.

14) Augustin Cebada, Information Minister of Brown Berets, militant para-military soldiers of Aztlan shouting at U.S. citizens at an Independence Day rally in Los Angeles, 7/4/96
“Augustin Cebada, Brown Berets, we’re here today to show L.A., show the minority people here, the Anglo-Saxons, that we are here, the majority, we’re here to stay. We do the work in this city, we take care of the spoiled brat children, we clean their offices, we pick the food, we do the manufacturing in the factories of L.A., we are the majority here and we are not going to be pushed around. We’re here in Westwood, this is the fourth time we’ve been here in the last two months, to show white Anglo-Saxon Protestant L.A., the few of you who remain, that we are the majority, and we claim this land as ours, sit’s always been ours, and we’re still here, and none of the talk about deporting. If anyone’s going to be deported it’s going to be you! Go back to Simi Valley, you skunks! Go back to Woodland Hills! Go back to Boston! To back to the Plymouth Rock, Pilgrims! Get out! We are the future. You’re old and tired. Go on. We have beaten you, leave like beaten rats. You old white people, it is your duty to die. Even their own ethicists say that they should die, that they have a duty to die. They’re taking up too much space, too much air. We are the majority in L.A. There’s over seven million Mexicans in L.A. County alone. We are the majority. And you’re going to see every day more and more of it, as we manifest as our young people grow up, graduate from high school, go on to college and start taking over this society. The vast majority of our people are under the age of 15 years old. Right now we’re already controlling those elections, whether it’s by violence or nonviolence. Through love of having children we’re going to take over.” Other demonstrators: “Raza fuerza (brown race power), this is Aztlan, this is Mexico. They’re the pilgrims on our land. Go back to the Nina, the Pinta, the Santa Maria.”
Click here to download this audio clip.

15) Fabian Nunez, formerly Alliance for Immigrant Rights, political liaison for L.A. School District, currently Speaker of the CA Assembly at Latino Summit Response to Prop 187 at UC Riverside, 1/1995
“There’s only two forms of power in this country and in this world. One is economic power, We certainly don’t have the economic power because we don’t own the means of production, but there’s another form of power, and that’s the power of the masses. So you can be as revolutionary as you want, you can be Chicano nationalist, you can be Mexican-American, you can be Hispanic, you can believe in the concept of Aztlan, you can believe in the concept of multi-culturalism. Somebody can say ‘Everybody here is wrong, I am the only one that has reached revolutionary completeness’. But the bottom line is that if we do not mobilize our community we are not putting together a setting – the parameters to establish a massive movement in our community. That’s what this is about. And that’s why I am here today – to talk about who here wants to organize the masses, and who here is interested in developing that movement that somebody earlier said that the sleeping giant is in a coma. I’ll tell you that on October 16 (“Grande Marcha” against Prop. 187) 150,000 representatives from the sleeping giant were not in a coma but rather were marching down the streets of Los Angeles saying that enough is enough and we’re no longer going to tolerate the racism against our community. The very essence of the dignity of our community is in danger right now. Luckily, we don’t have to give our lives. We’re not at that point, but we can give a little. What I would like to ask everybody here to give is not necessarily your life, but to give one moment of thought to what the importance of a national march on Washington DC in 1996 would mean for the mass movement of our community. Get ten people, ten people ready to go with us to that march to Washington DC in ’96, and I guarantee you, just as we mobilized 150 (sic) people into the streets of Los Angeles on October 16, we can mobilize one million people and bring Washington to a standstill, and those rednecks that are out there making decisions for the betterment of their communities will think twice before they push forward anti-immigrant legislation against our community. And so that we can show our people that the time has come for us to come together on what brings us together instead of to sit down and bump heads. And I tell the students in the colleges, if you’re still debating the question of whether they’re Chicanos or Mexicanos, or Chicano/Mexicano, we’re not learning from the lessons of ten, fifteen years ago. The time has come for unity – there’s too many things that separate people, but we have to begin to look at what brings us together. And so I ask everybody here, how many of you agree if we can leave here with one thing today, that in 1996 we are going to Washington DC on a mass mobilization there to bring Washington to a standstill so that they know that we’re there and that we begin to put into place those things that are necessary to insure that we advance the interests of our community. Raise your hands, those of you that agree with what I’m saying.”
Click here to download this audio clip.

16) Larry Elder, L.A. radio talk show host reads a letter from one of his listeners:
“Dear Larry, I spent ten years as a cruise hostess working at sea on cruise ships all over the world, so many of my assignments were to the Mexican Riviera, going back to the destination over and over again working friendships with many of the local people working along side of us in the Mexican tourist industry. Larry, the one phrase I heard a hundred times or more was, ‘When the revolution is over.’ When I asked for information, always the same answer, ‘When they have California back.’ Young or old, it seems they grew up being taught there would be a revolution some day. Somehow they would have California back.”
Click here to download this audio clip.

17) Tom Tancredo, U.S. Congressman from Colorado,, speaking on CSPAN, 6/27/2001
“In the June 21 issue of Time Magazine, the lead story of which is titled, “AMEXICA”. It describes the de facto elimination of the border between Mexico and the United States. I believe that the debate revolving around our immigration policy should reflect the fact that this phenomenon is underway. President Fox (of Mexico) yesterday stated that he came to the United States to “play a more active role in establishing the new international architecture”. I believe that this new “international architecture” can be described as AMEXICA.
Click here to download this audio clip.

18) Gray Davis, former governor of California, recalled by the voters 10/2003 speaking to a Latino audience in 1999
“In the near future, people will look at California and Mexico as one magnificent region.”
Click here to download this audio clip.

19) MEChA (student wing of the Aztlan movement – motto: “For the race, everything, for those outside the race, nothing.”) chants at national conference, Cal State Univ., Northridge, 6/1996
“Viva la raza (long live our race)”, “Chicano power” “We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us” “Long live the revolution” “Esta es mi tierra, esta es mi lucha (This is my land, this is my fight)”
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I received this in my email I thought it was a pretty good idea, one that would surely grab public attention so im posting it here.

It’s time for Americans to Take America Back!!!!
This is a very simple thing we can do as a Nation … as People … as Americans… to take our country back!!

When you think about it what is the governments most precious poession?

Did you guess money?

Your right.

We as Americans need to start taking some kind of Action to get the message across to the United States Government and the Whole World! That America want’s Action taken and we want our Borders Sealed! and we wont stand for any type of Amnesty!

So why not let our Money do the talking for us, after all it dose speak volume even on deaf ear’s.

Take every one of your paper bills…ones, fives, tens, twenties, fifties, hundreds…etc..and mark them all with the words …

Maybe this will get the message across to our Government that we the American people want something done…Today!…((NOT)) Tommorrow when it’s too late.

We as Americans can do this !!.. let’s start something instead of just sitting on our ass and waiting for our Government to take ACTION!


Repost it Pass it on get the message out…

(((ACTION ALERT))) Call Your Senators Now! economic stimulus package

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Something’s not right with this!

People on social security don’t get stimulus, but illegals do?

Watch This Video

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Congress Poised to Give Tax Rebates to Illegal Aliens
Call Your Senators Now!

January 30, 2008

The economic stimulus package traveling through Congress right now does nothing to stop the IRS from issuing rebate checks to illegal aliens. Please call your Senators now and urge them to take action!

Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed H.R.5140, the economic stimulus package, by a vote of 385-35. As many of you have already learned from news outlets, the economic package includes tax rebates of $600 for individual taxpayers and $1,200 for couples. However, this package—thrown together within days—allows the IRS to send tax rebate checks to illegal aliens!

The issue stems from defining who is eligible for a tax rebate. In drafting H.R.5140, Congress left gaping loopholes. Section 101 excludes “nonresident aliens” from being eligible, but this is essentially meaningless as the IRS does not determine whether an individual is a “nonresident alien” based on his or her immigration status. Moreover, it does not address the eligibility of illegal aliens who send in tax returns using stolen or false social security numbers.

At a minimum, the IRS should be required to screen the numbers (whether individual taxpayer identification numbers (ITINs) or social security numbers (SSNs)) used to issue the checks to ensure they match the name of the taxpayer in question. If a name and number do not match, the IRS should be prohibited from issuing a tax rebate check. Senator John Ensign (R-NV) has filed an amendment to affect this change, but we do not know whether he will even be allowed to offer it.

H.R.5140 is now in the Senate and will go through the Senate Finance Committee this afternoon. From there, Senate staffers indicate it will go quickly to the floor. PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW!

We urge all FAIR members, activists and friends to call their Senators now and urge them to fix the loopholes in H.R. 5140 that allow illegal aliens to get tax rebate checks. After calling your own Senators, please call the Senators who sit on the Finance Committee and urge them to take action too.

To find the phone numbers for your Senators, click here.

For the membership of the Senate Finance Committee, click here.

A Talk With Mexico’s Migration Chief Juan Hernández

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Juan Hernández emerges as the architect of new Mexico-U.S. relations

HispanicOnline Staff

If anyone represents the spirit that infuses the new Mexican administration, it would have to be Juan Hernández.

A hybrid of two cultures, he is the first Mexican American to hold a Mexican Cabinet position, heading the presidential Office for Mexicans Abroad. The office, newly created by President Vicente Fox, seems tailor-made for Hernández, a trusted aide handpicked by the president to protect the rights of Mexican émigrés and their families, and, perhaps just as importantly, to reach out to the millions of Americans of Mexican ancestry.

HispanicOnline spoke with Hernández at length on the goals of his office and of the new Mexican order being forged by the government of Vicente Fox. Tops on Hernández’s agenda: legal status for migrant workers in the U.S., fair treatment for them and their families on both sides of the border, galvanizing employment opportunities at home to curb emigration, spurring Mexico-U.S. trade development, and forging stronger bonds with Mexican Americans, for starters.

“There are twenty million people, like myself, who have one foot in Mexico and one foot in the United States, and we’re very proud of it.”

The concept is simple. “There are twenty million people, like myself, who have one foot in Mexico and one foot in the United States, and we’re very proud of it,” he said. And it is this straddling of cultures, this symbiotic relationship, that, as Hernández sees it, must be cast in a new light and used for the benefit of both countries. “What we are trying to do, what this president is trying to do, is show that the twenty million Mexicans living in the United States are important to Mexico and are important to the United States,” he said.Hernández speaks in earnest. The role of these Mexicans living—and working—in the U.S. has emerged as the lynchpin of the Fox administration’s strategy to refashion Mexico into a true democracy, on a par with its North American neighbors and the European powers.

Not only does the new Mexico recognize the enormous financial import of the Mexican American community (individual remittances back home—nearly $10 billion annually—rank third behind tourism and oil export receipts as a major source of revenue): It is taking steps to harness the political and entrepreneurial savvy of Mexicans abroad to reverse the flow of migration, encourage direct investment, and spearhead political change at home and in the United States.

For Hernández, a Ph.D. in Mexican and English literature equally at home in both cultures, his role as point man for Fox’s ambitious plan is a natural fit.

Born in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1955 to an American mother and a Mexican father, Hernández grew up in his father’s home state of Guanajuato. He led a life of privilege, measured not in material possessions, but in freedom: The freedom to move easily across the border without risk; the freedom to learn, to have access to the best Mexican and American schools; the freedom to implement his ideas. A freedom not shared by all Mexicans, he quickly learned, and which early on awakened in him a strong sense of social responsibility.

“Leaving my home to go to the United States really opened my eyes,” he said. “Seeing so many people having to live in the shadows as criminals for doing the same thing that I was doing, but I had a little piece of paper that said it was OK.

“Seeing the need, people dying at the border, people not having their health needs met in the United States, seeing the need of education of Mexicans living over there, and realizing that these are people who are fueling the economy, but no one would speak for them,” he underscored.

“And then suddenly I hear Vicente Fox talking about them being heroes, and immediately, of course, I felt a kin spirit in someone who motivated me and then empowered me to go to work for these wonderful people.”

It was to be a fateful alliance. In March 1996, Fox, newly elected governor of Guanajuato, already advocated a radical change in Mexican politics that would lead him, four years later, to a stunning electoral victory that ended 71 years of rule by the Institutional Revolutionary Party. Hernández, then director of the Center for U.S.-Mexico Studies at the University of Texas in Dallas, invited him to speak at the university. He also arranged a meeting with the Texas governor at the time, George W. Bush.

“The first conversation they had was related to migrants, to Mexicans abroad,” said Hernández. “Vicente Fox proposed to him that Texas and Guanajuato become partners in creating opportunities for Mexicans abroad and for the migrant-sending regions, as they call them.”

“There are several million Mexican people in the United States that are creating wealth for the United States and Mexico. These are all good people who have gone up there to work, they have found jobs, they are the builders of the country.”

That conversation, a scheduled five-minute meeting that stretched into 45, led to the creation of the Guanajuato Trade Office in Texas, a facility that Hernández initially directed and that serves as an “incubator for small and micro businesses from Guanajuato to do business in Texas” that is still operating today, Hernández said.Fox must have been impressed with the enterprising young professor, for, Hernández tells, as he was about to board his plane back to Guanajuato that day, the future president turned to him and asked: “Have you got any other ideas, Juan Hernández?”

“And I had written down four ideas, in case he asked, and so I said ‘Well, I sure do,’” Hernández recalled. “So he got back down off the plane, and there off the runway we went over ideas … and there on the spot he hired me to be his U.S. advisor and open up these types of trade [initiatives].” And so the Dallas professor became one of Fox’s most trusted allies, later joining Fox’s presidential campaign as his chief of staff and stumping for him among the Mexican communities in the U.S.

The groundwork during those years paid off; and with the election of George W. Bush in the United States, the understanding forged at that first meeting evolved into a “commitment for a partnership for progress” cemented when now presidents Bush and Fox met in February at Fox’s ranch in San Cristóbal. And Hernández, as in 1996, was there.

An articulate man who switches effortlessly from Spanish into English and back again, Hernández has embraced his task as cultural and political liaison, lobbying personally for increased labor rights, health benefits, and education for Mexicans in the U.S. “Texas just passed a law for the migrants; they can now go to the university and pay state tuition. It is the first state to open up,” he noted.

He travels often to the United States, visiting Mexican American communities throughout the U.S. at least once a week. Although he is now on leave from the Texas university system, he continues to speak once or twice a semester and is putting together a course on U.S.-Mexico relations. The author of seven books on literary and political subjects, he is currently working on a bilingual oral history of the Mexican emigrant experience to be titled Heroes: Mexican Migrants.

“We must not only have a free flow of goods and services, but also start working for a free flow of people.”

He argues passionately about the need to obtain legal status for all Mexican workers in the U.S., although he shuns the political vocabulary, preferring to stay away from what he calls “explosive terms” such as “guest worker” programs. “There are several million Mexican people in the United States that are creating wealth for the United States and Mexico. These are all good people who have gone up there to work, they have found jobs, they are the builders of the country.

“These individuals need to be legalized, they need to be able to come home and see their families and not have to cross a dangerous border; they need to be able to complain if the boss is not paying them for the amount of hours that they worked; they need to be able to have living conditions that are proper, with dignity; to have driver’s licenses; to use the banks in the United States. They need their dignity, instead of having to live like criminals.”

The U.S. urgently needs people to fill the several thousand new jobs available yearly in the United States, he added. “We need to find a win-win agreement between the two countries to provide people for those jobs,” he said.

In the meantime, the border remains a thorny issue. Just a few weeks ago, Hernández came under fire for appearing to endorse the distribution of first aid kits, quickly dubbed “survival kits,” to help illegal border crossers survive the dangers of the rugged frontier line. Not so, he said. While the government does distribute basic first aid kits to impoverished rural areas in seventeen states (not coincidentally the heaviest exporters of migrants), and has done so for the last ten years, the objective is not to encourage illegal emigration. As if to prove it, Hernández has just filmed a series of public-service videos, to be shown on the bus line that transports some 350,000 passengers a month to northern Mexico, near the U.S. border, exhorting Mexicans not to fall prey to smugglers or risk an illegal crossing, but to look for opportunities at home.

In typical fashion, he does the job himself, addressing his countrymen directly. The videos complement spots on national TV also warning of the dangers of crossing illegally, and are part of the most recent U.S.-Mexico agreement on migration reached in June following the deaths of fourteen illegal immigrants in the Arizona desert. “My conscience forces me to do all I can to save lives, even if it’s just one life,” he said.

He is also working side by side with Fox to ensure that Mexican émigrés, when they return to Mexico, are treated well on the Mexican side of the border-that they are not shaken down for bribes or harassed by unscrupulous officials, and that the families in Mexico of migrants in the U.S. have social security and health benefits.

Equally important is to create opportunities in Mexico so that people do not feel the need to leave, Hernández said. To achieve that, his office has put together a multi-pronged approach that includes incentives such as matching government subsidies, for Mexican American entrepreneurs who establish businesses in their home communities; and it is encouraging successful Mexicans abroad to “adopt” areas of great poverty, especially 90 micro-regions with a high rate of emigration to the United States. Known as the Proyecto Padrino, the program grew out of Hernández’s contact with over 500 hometown associations of Mexican Americans who were already providing aid to their churches and communities back home.

“It’s very exciting. We have gotten an incredible response,” said Hernández, who confesses that “the padrino idea came from successful Mexicans abroad; it was really not my idea.”

They are padrinos like Jaime Lucero, who slipped into the U.S. illegally in 1975 and found work in the kitchen of a New York restaurant. Twenty-five years later, he has his own clothing distribution company, Gold & Silver, Inc., and has now invested four million dollars in his home state of Puebla, money that will generate 7,000 new jobs in a new women’s clothing factory.

Then there is Eduardo Nájera, of the Dallas Mavericks, who has become a padrino for education. Through his efforts, Hernández said, companies that sponsor the NBA star are paying for 5,000 scholarships for students in these 90 micro-regions at the middle, high school, and university levels.  

Eduardo Nájera

Hispanic American organizations are also linking up with Hernández’s office to sponsor his projects. The League of United Latin American Citizens has agreed to create a network of attorneys throughout the United States to defend the legal rights of migrants in the U.S., Hernández said. This will complement a migrants-rights office within the Mexican attorney general’s office to prosecute offenders on both sides of the border.

But a lot of these problems would simply disappear if there were simply more open policies in place, he said.

Hernández is emphatic. “We must not only have a free flow of goods and services, but also start working for a free flow of people.

“The border seems to become more and more a limitation the farther away you get from the border. But those who live in El Paso, those who live in Laredo, those who live in Nuevo Laredo, those who live in Ciudad Juárez, know that the border, in many senses, is an imaginary line,” he pointed out.

He takes the idea further. “The United States, Mexico, and Canada should be seen really as a single economic bloc, not as competitors.” But while looking at the big picture, his focus is, again, on the building blocks. While praising the success of the North American Free Trade Agreement, Hernández advocates taking NAFTA a step beyond to “help the small and micro companies to link up between the United States, Canada, and Mexico; then you will see, for example, job development just skyrocketing.”

He continues to implement tried and true tactics. Based on the success of the Guanajuato Trade Office in Texas, “we have now created the Mexico Trade Centers, for all 32 Mexican states,” the first of which was inaugurated recently in Santa Ana, California, he said. Because one of the pre-requisites of participation in this project is that the Mexican companies incorporate in the U.S., they become, in a sense, American corporations “with all the responsibilities and benefits that provides,” he noted.

Hernández is confident the changes will come. Already there’s momentum building in the United States and in Mexico toward positive change that won’t be stopped, he said, a drive he attributed in great part to the election of two presidents who share a deep understanding of the migration issue. Indeed, the two nations are set to announce new migration agreements come September.

And Mexico is ready to take its place at the table, he said. “We are not going to pretend that these issues do not exist; on the contrary, we are going to put them on the table and discuss them.”

“Before, we pretended like we were not even neighbors.”



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By Joe Falco

Joe’s arguments here are some of the best!

Illegal immigration is a sore spot in America; illegal aliens are crossing our borders at an alarming rate, activists want to fling our borders open and give social services to anyone who requests them. The national debate on illegal aliens is creating another conundrum and the answer to the problem is slipping away. My question is – what’s wrong with the laws we already have on the books? America’s immigration policy is over a hundred years old. We have protocols in place for foreigners to come here legally. These laws, policies, and protocols have worked well for a very long time. I believe the problem lies with the way these laws are interpreted and enforced, or as many contend not enforced.

So who’s right? Should we create new laws that supplant the laws already on the books, should we ignore the laws, should we all have a group hug, a good cry, and put the whole world on welfare?

I keep hearing the word fair being bandied about. Okay, let us examine the fairness argument. Illegal alien advocates are saying it’s not fair to deny illegal aliens the opportunity to cross our borders and it’s not fair to bar illegal aliens from obtaining social services once they’re here. Based on the doctrine of fairness, we must determine who isn’t being treated fairly. For that, we have to look at the American taxpayer, we have to look at our over-burdened social services system, and we have to look at the job market. The question is this, is it fair for American taxpayers to be ripped off by people who break the law to come here? Is it fair for America’s poor to be denied benefits because illegal aliens are sucking the system dry, is it fair to America’s lower wage workers to be denied a higher wage because the low end labor market is flooded with illegal aliens who will work for sub-standard wages?. Is it fair to foreigners who follow the rules and remain on long waiting lists to enter America?

So far, it doesn’t seem fair at all does it? That is unless you believe lawbreakers deserve special favors. Unless you believe, the rest of us should pay the cost of those favors with our hard-earned tax dollars. What’s fair about any of this? It’s not fair to American citizens, and when it comes to fairness in America shouldn’t American citizens be at the top of the fairness food chain?

Since when is it okay to put non-Americans ahead of Americans? Is it fair to Americans to have our laws violated? Isn’t it wrong to have people break our laws by sneaking into our country? Will illegal aliens who sneak in to America respect any of our laws? Most likely not!

Currently, illegal aliens are breaking many of our laws: they drive without licenses and insurance, they commit fraud by stealing American citizen’s identities, they violate our tax laws, they work without green cards, and many are involved in the drug trade. Many illegal aliens have no respect for America, our culture, or our laws. They see America as a cash cow, a place they can sneak into, work off the books, and send money home. Last year illegal aliens sent over 16 billion dollars back to their homelands. That’s 16 billion taken out of America’s economy, is that fair? What about anchor children? Anchor children are children born to illegal aliens on American soil—and once the child is born, the child and its parents get a free ride on the social services train. Is that fair?

Today’s illegal aliens are not the same as the immigrants who passed through Ellis Island in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The goals of these two immigrant groups are very different. The Ellis Island immigrants left everything they had to come here. They did not intend to return to the old country, they came here to be Americans. They looked to assimilate into the American culture. There were no social services, there were no advocates, and there were no special laws or privileges for them. All there was, was an opportunity to work hard, overcome adversity, learn the language and the culture, and prepare their children to be more American then they were. The Ellis Island immigrants came to America to help build this nation while building a better life for themselves and their families. They came here with little more than hope and faith. Hope of a better life and faith that America would give them an opportunity to be Americans and benefit from all things American. Sadly this is not the case with today’s illegal aliens, the new immigrants are coming to America to see what they can take rather than give. In other words, they come to see what America can do for them, not what they can do for America.

The fairest thing America can do for illegal aliens is to find them and deport them, and deny them any and all social services. America needs to seal its porous borders so no more will risk the dangers of sneaking into our country. This is the fairest solution to this problem. It’s fair to all Americans, and it’s fair to illegal aliens. What’s unfair to everyone is to ignore our immigration laws and allow illegal immigration to continue. The latest estimates on the number of illegal aliens in America is 20 million. Tell me—is that fair? I think not!

And that’s the way I see it.

Joe Falco




You can listen to Joe Falco’s radio show in South Florida on AM-1230 WBZT, or on the Internet at WWW.WBZT.COM The show is simulcast on Thursdays and Fridays at 5-PM Eastern time. And on Saturdays, Joe does a very special show from 6 to 8 PM on AM 1290 WJNO. You can listen to his live broadcast in South Florida, or to the live simulcast on the Internet. WWW.WJNO.COM