It is up to the reader to follow up with the references provided and make their own journey of knowledge in order to ‘connect the dots’ and decide if there is any substance to the issues raised and assertions made.

There is one question that should underlie all that you learn about . . . If EVERYTHING you have questioned about what our government is doing or not, could be explained by the goals of Communist inspired One World Order, would that convince you of its efficacy?

Would you then believe that the implementation of the Communist Manifesto is in fact being accomplished by the global elite cabal who are simply getting their ‘ducks in row’ as they ready all of us for the ‘Shadow Government’ takeover. Think about it . . . it can’t ALL simply be just the coincidence of an incompetent government making erroneous mis-steps, and using the ‘war on terror’ as a foil and cover-up, could it?

Like yourself . . . there are at least two hundred million good-hearted, honest, law-abiding, hard-working people here in America.

You need to understand that WE ARE AT WAR RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA!

We are being invaded by a foreign country and we are being betrayed from within. You cannot rely on the elite media to tell you that there are AT MINIMUM 23 million invaders/insurgents already here.

The reason our government does nothing to enforce our laws and secure our borders is because our government is rife with global elites who are working assiduously to achieve a communist inspired One World Order (OWO) and the open borders are part of the plan. Chaos will eventually reign, martial law will be enforced, the Bill of Rights and our Constitution will evaporate, our sovereignty and Republic will end as the global elites take over and reign supreme.

America . . . wake up . . . GET EDUCATED . . . stand up . . . speak out . . . fight back! Remember . . .

“It’s a Republic, if you can keep it!” America needs YOU to rise up and take back your country from those who would enslave us all!
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