Sadly, The Ron Paul rEVOLution is Dead

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Super Tuesday was a very interesting night. Mike Huckabee suprised everyone by winning West Virginia and by picking up a couple of states in the south.

The votes were all counted. The people have spoken.

Barack Obama made gains across the US. Hillary Clinton won the “prized” state of California as did McCain. Mitt Romney did not expect Mike Huckabee to do so well as he did tonight. Romney will probably have to think about what direction he needs to take his campaign.

Unfortunately for Ron Paul, tonight was not his night, in spite of how well he did placing second in the Nevada and Lousiana caucuses, he did not win in a single state.

Ron Paul is/was the dark horse internet hyped candidate of 2008. He seems to be out of luck now as the majority of delegates now are to be awarded to the other candidates.

Mike Gravel is still in the race, but his support is dwindling. It doesn’t seem that Ron Paul will get a chance to win the Republican nomination. The reality is if Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance at the Republican nomination for president, he more then likely won’t have a chance at the nomination for vice-president.

Ron Paul scored an average of 4 percent support nationwide, as a comparison in 1988 in the general election he polled at less then 1 percent nationwide, without the support of the todays techonology. It now seems without doubt that the “Ron Paul Revolution” is dead or has run out of steam.

What will the Ron Paul campaign do? What other tricks does it have up it sleeves? It has already used the unique idea of utilizing a blimp. It has already utilized the idea of using aerial forces to spread the message by flying around “blackout” areas where he was not allowed to debate. It has already used the viral force of the internet all to no avail.

To use a Biblical analogy, Saul slew his thousands, but David slew his tens of thousands.

Will Ron Paul’s current support dwindle in the light of the recent election numbers? What will his next steps be? We can only watch the news or check up online to see what will happen next.

Ron Paul has already said that he was 99.9% sure that he would not run as an Independent or as a Libertarian.

As a prediction, more then likely the internet and various media sources across the world will now focus their eyes on Obama, Clinton, McCain and Huckabee however fair or unfair as it may be, as the former candidates of 2008, and 2007 become relics of Alexa’s Wayback Machine and food for Google’s web crawling spiders.

Mitt Romney, Mike Gravel, and Ron Paul will have to put up one major fight in order to win any type of nomination. All in the short term seems unlikely.

Ron Paul is a good man, as are the other candidates, but the world is an unfair place to live.

In spite of negative things occurring in various campaigns, hopefully positive things will await us in the future. God help us.


8 Responses to “Sadly, The Ron Paul rEVOLution is Dead”

  1. Jeffrey Bubb Says:

    I wish I could share your pessimism, but sadly, I can’t.

    It is columns like this that put to shame the idea of the fight, the challange…the goal that is currently just outside one’s reach.

    Yes, indeed, the world is an unfair place. Did you ever consider that with the words you utter here, such unfairness is left unchecked and allowed to flourish like a bad weed?

    No thanks….you can keep your negitivity. And, in the event that one day the values and cause that Ron Paul convey’s actually come to fruition, you can remenisce on the fact that you, today, did nothing to help that cause.

  2. GS of Whidbey Island WA Says:

    I have been thinking a lot lately about why Dr. Paul isn’t making more of an impact in the larger sense – why is he behind at all? Why not the front runner?

    Aside from the obvious – he represents a mortal threat to the government status quo (and the bankers who run government policies through the FED); Dr. Paul also is a threat to those who wish to remain in fear and those who want the government to solve the world’s problems. They both want something from government – welfare for the Dems and warfare for the Republicans.

    So I see three different philosophical groups at play here: Us, the Ron Paul supporters who want Liberty and Freedom and don’t want the government taking our money to kill others and dominate the globe.

    Second, the Democrats or Liberals / Progressives. They want to use government to create a socialist state where everybody is supposedly equal (are the rich ever really equal to anyone? Do they really want to be?), and cared for regardless of who has to pay for it or how much it costs.

    They think everyone is “ENTITLED” to health care, social security etc., as long as we all pay into THEIR system so they can get rich. We are not allowed to create our own system, because they write the laws. Just look at the Liberty Dollar situation.

    The Republicans or Conservatives are the other extreme. They expect government to keep pumping an endless amount of fiat money into war, ignore or rewrite environmental policy to clear the way for “free markets” and really don’t care what happens to anyone much but their families, cronies and church.

    They have represented as much corruption and deceit as any Democrat the past eight years and show that Free Markets with no restraint can quickly become evil in intent and result. They operate mostly on greed, faith and fear.

    Actually being free scares the hell out of them because they like to dominate and be dominated by the government (or the God) they create. Rather than Socialist, they lean toward Fascist – profit at any cost, use the government to insulate and support corporate pirates with our armies. Kind of like supporting corporate terrorism against the very public that buys their products and makes them rich. It’s Robin Hood in reverse – the govt. steals from the people and gives to the rich.

    We are not Democrats or Republicans. We are free thinkers who do not need labels or someone to take care of us. We are not a cash crop for the elite to harvest every April 15th. We are not afraid enough to have our biometrics recorded into an ID card, or have our phones and internet tapped by the communists who run BOTH sides of Washington. We don’t need a parent because we are adults. We don’t need to solve all of the worlds problems. We need to stop creating them. We don’t need someone to tell us what to think. We just need the FREEDOM to think for ourselves.

    We are the “outsiders”, the “fringe”, the “dark horses”, the “long shots” the “independents”, that the media can’t find room for in their newspapers or web sites. We are the face that gets left out of the picture. The name that isn’t on the list. We are the invisible army who do not need weapons to marshall a rEVOLution. We just need to be on the right side of the Law. You remember the Law. It’s called the Constitution of the United States of America.

  3. I’m still supporting Ron Paul. I never expected him to win the GOP nomination, it would require the GOP to actually do the right thing for a change, and there is a reason they lost their base.

    I look for Ron Paul to bring a 3rd party into the spotlight as a viable alternative to the other 2 parties. Stay in the GOP race as long as possible, to get the word out of course, then if the GOP isn’t smart enough to elect him, then go 3rd party.

    He will stay in the race as long as he has the support to do so, and my support is still here. It’s always been about more than Ron Paul, so I don’t see this as a failure.

    Especially considering the lack of media attention he has gotten, and the results in return. It only goes to prove that the media has screwed with the election process, and that Ron Paul should have been getting equal attention from the start.

    I am more determined than ever.

  4. We’ve only just begun!! WHY?? WHY NOT?? This IS our nation and it does not belong only to those who wish to destroy it!

    It seems that about 70% of Americans are willing to have the same leaders that are in office currently. When I see those same evil grins and winks from the other candidates, I shudder and fight all the more for Ron Paul!

  5. One more comment. The writer of this article states, “God help us.” Yaweh makes changes through people, we are The Creator personified. Let’s do it!

  6. I support Ron Paul. I do not support our obviously manipulated voting system and supposedly “free press”. Whoever wants to give up on him can but I am not. We don’t even know if our votes were counted or how much overcounting or undercounting was done (Broward county in Florida had 110% voter turnout) wow, go figure. New Hampshire uses post it note glue on their “seals” for the voting boxes. Check out Bev Harris’s coverage. This is not fair voting. I have seen more Ron Paul signs then any other candidate out there. Don’t tell me we aren’t being manipulated and fed BS at every turn from the fakirs that tell us what we want to hear at every election. This isn’t voting for anyone anymore. You can make copies of Diebold keys easily as pointed out at Princeton as well as infect machines to your every whim. Anyone can fix this race and they are. Another day of BS and lies in the good old United States of eat shit and love it cause we said so. Now make sure you don’t vote for the only guy that wants to get rid of the IRS and then live with your kids and relatives dying for wars that only empower the rich and evil. Go ahead. I’m sick of the rhetoric and all those that love to live in the bliss of ignorance. You want more of the same as the last eight years then stick with the status quo. You want to actually have a chance at freedom or maybe get it back? Vote Ron Paul or at least let it be known that you are tired of being a slave to these manipulative pricks who always have their hands in your pockets and the whips to your backs. Maybe they will listen. Doubtful though. When have they ever listened to us or worked for us who pay them? At least Ron Paul does and has done so for thirty years consistently. The only choice is freedom. Something that has been lost a grain at a time. Time is running out.

  7. Ron Paul could still fare very well if not even win the popular vote without the oligarchy’s propaganda machine churning out stories 24/7. But, that’s what they get paid to do.

    Speaking of popular vote… why do we even bother anymore. YOUR VOTE DOESN’T MATTER in the corrupt political electoral system today.

    Only the votes of the delegates in the electoral collage decide who your next President is going to be. We’ve seen excellent examples of this in recent presidential elections.

    Did you vote for your delegate? Does your delegate represent you?

    The delegates are party owned. The same Republicrats and Democans oligarchs that are running this country into oblivion are ensuring their ability to do so by controlling the elections through a corrupt and almost totalitarian two party system that they have complete control of.

    Our Founding Fathers warned us of the evils and dangers of political parties. They told us that political parties would breed corruption in government and create power hungry professional politicians.

    It’s time for a New American Revolution!

  8. As a Libertarian I really would like to see Ron Paul run for our party. I think every one is pretty disgusted with the whole debate and nominating process right now. Ron Paul freely discusses the issues that everyone else avoids. It is time we get beyond the manipulated media and special interests. I believe Americans are ready for real change, and I’m not talking about Obama. Dr Paul represents real change. But you see, the problem is Dr Paul is a real conservative. He is too conservative for the GOP.

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