Stop Funding for Illegal Immigrant Tuition

Petition: There is a movement in government to give money to illegal immigrants’ college education. However, there are many U.S. Citizens who can not afford college. Keep our tax money for U.S. citizens.

Sign this Petition click here


One Response to “Stop Funding for Illegal Immigrant Tuition”

  1. Johnnie Says:

    on this day, there was an error with the petition. what a shame. please fix it so those of us who are being threatened by these radical extremist can sign the petition and get it in the hands of our elected officials. we Americans must stop the spread of this outrageous teaching. We are here now in 2008 and as far as I know, we cannot go back in time and become Mexico again!
    This type of schooling should be recognized for what it is, TREASON.

    Recently, at a Republican retreat I attended, we viewed some of the literature that is being handed out by La Raza. Openly, it stated, Kill the blue eyed by any means necessary. Don’t these people realize some of them have blue eyes and light skin? When is this skin thing going to end? We are so much more than the skin that we wear.

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