Ron Paul Snubbed, John McCain Endorsed

Early in the race for the Republican nomination it was thought for sure Ron Paul would receive this endorsement, instead it has gone to Senator John McCain.
by Gary Wood

In a sudden development John McCain was able to secure yet another endorsement. We all have seen how much Senator McCain enjoys collecting endorsements and using them as trump cards on key issues. This latest card he’s received will allow him to trump many an argument by simply pulling it out and saying, “I’m proud of my record, they’re obviously proud of my record (pointing to the trump card), that’s the way it is and that’s just a little straight-talk.”

Congressman Ron Paul, celebrating his 51st wedding anniversary today, did not seem particularly remorse over losing the endorsement. Despite early odds makers saying he would no doubt get the nod by this group a long campaign showed it was not to be. The longer Dr. Paul stayed on the campaign trail the clearer it became; his message is simply more powerful than initially thought and if he were to win the Republican nomination for President it would be unlikely the group today endorsing John McCain could win.

The group is none other than the Democratic Party. A key turning point for who to endorse came when Governor Mitt Romney pointed out several key pieces of legislature their good friend John McCain helped sponsor. McCain-Feingold Bi-Partisan Campaign Finance Reform Act, Lieberman-McCain Climate Stewardship Act , and McCain-Kennedy Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act all were strong indicators that not only can McCain reach across the aisle, he often is willing to embrace more liberal domestic positions.

According to a statement released, “We have changed positions on who we will endorse for President. Nothing against Dr. Paul but John McCain is ready to become a liberal from day one. We don’t believe that will be necessary as we are confident our nominee will win the White House this year with John McCain leading the Republican ticket, but just in case he wins its nice to know he’ll be ready to join us on all domestic issues. If we would have formally endorsed Ron Paul and if he would have gone on to win the Republican nomination we would have to face tough debates on liberty vs. socialized programs and we simply weren’t prepared for that debate. His message is proving too popular and is awakening a portion of this country that frankly doesn’t need awakening. It’s like the Japanese waking up the United States on that day of infamy. We would like to see Dr. Paul’s message fade as it is not in keeping with the heart of the Democratic Party’s platform. We know exactly what to expect in the debates from John, we’ve studied his short playbook, we anticipate we will allow him to perform as he has recently in the debates. Ron Paul in a two man/woman debate is not a force we care to deal with as it would be nearly impossible to avoid him the entire time. John McCain poses no threat to our base and we respect his strong liberal views. We look forward to competing and defeating him during the general elections this year. After the campaign we hope he will continue to support our domestic agenda.”

Who can blame the Democratic Party for wanting to endorse McCain over Paul? Ron Paul represents liberty and freedom with tough positions on immigration, taxation, monetary policies, and more. About the only thing the Democrats and Ron Paul agree on is ending the war against Iraq yet even the Democrats are not ready to fully embrace non-interventionism. For those reading this far the above represents nothing more than a political opinion, the endorsement is not real and the quotes are fictitious. However, the reality is clear, John McCain poses little threat to a Democratic victory come November while Ron Paul would be difficult to stop once he was allowed to actually articulate his message in the mass media.

Gary Wood


8 Responses to “Ron Paul Snubbed, John McCain Endorsed”

  1. Very interesting. I’d like to know more. What was the source of the quote?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  2. Show me where the Democratic Party has endorced John McCain? This story is deceptive. So what if McCain and Kennedy pushed the amesty bill this summer it didn’t progress now did it. In fact real concenservatives oppose McCain still to this day regarding this issue.

    Let’s just get the facts straigt McCain is a left leaning member of the GOP.

    Those who are part of the Democratic Party will vote for Paul becuase he opposes teh war, supports personal liberty, etc. John McCain will not obtain this voting block.

  3. If you read the entire article, you’ll note the section in the last para that states the endorsement is not real, that the article is an opinion. It merely illustrates what is happening out there and should give everyone pause so they THINK about things and what is happening. Don’t YOU wonder why Paul is absent from so much the media is feeding us? I know I do.

  4. americanchaos Says:

    You ever feel like all this is being done just for our entertainment, and our votes really don’t mean S**t. They already know who they are going to hand the job of President over to. The peoples votes probably haven’t been counted in years.

  5. Ben Jacobsen Says:

    Interesting opinion. It is good to see people on both sides of the political fence awakening to the message of an educated, non-politician like Dr. Paul. He is the only candidate with a sincere agenda which would help truly “fix” our nation. His basic message is that we need to focus on a sense of nationalism, regain a sense of pride and hard work, and get rid of a few “quick-fixes” which were never supposed to become a permanent part of our government. Our great nation survived nearly two centuries without Welfare, Social Security and the IRS. None of these recently created institutions were ever intended by the framers of our Constitution. We have become a spoiled nation of whiners who expect that its our right to get something for nothing. Unfortunately, because he is not a career politician, and because we are a shallow people more interested with how you look than in what you say, most people tune him out. Ron Paul indeed has the most on-point ideas on what this country needs to regain prosperity as opposed to all the other candidates who are just power-hungry megalomaniacs. Medical doctors make more credible people than lawyers, wouldn’t you agree?
    Aside from that, Gary Wood is delusional in the above opinion. You’ve got it backwards brother! McCain’s more liberal views as a Republican will only ensure that he takes away more would-be democrat votes. It is far more likely that sympathetic democrats will cross over to McCain than vice-versa. I’m a pro-abortion, pro-immigration (give them green cards), keep religion out of my face REPUBLICAN. As much as I hate the religious right bible thumpers I still believe the famous words of our nations forefathers that “that government is best which governs the least!”
    To hell with welfare and handouts, and our mtv-lazy boy recliner, something for nothin’ mentality! Lets get back to having pride in hard work.

  6. Mc Cain was a bumbling fool when questioned on economic policy by Ron Paul.

    Check it ou on You Tube….he really comes across as bad as Ms. South Carolina….

    such as….um…..i was there..ummm lol

    What a tool.

  7. Ha ha! Very funny, Gary Wood! These are words you will never hear uttered by politicians and those in power. But it is true, nonetheless — Ron Paul represents a genuine threat and is waking up people and ruining these people’s agendas.

    I believe this is how these people think and how they select their “winners” — the ones to carry on the Machine’s will — but it sure is convoluted. And when you think about it, pretty subversive and evil!


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