McCain/McAmnesty (This Is Personal)

By Jack Engelhard

Somewhere along his talk show campaign, John McCain spoke about his “sharp” differences with Democrats.




I can’t find anything “sharp” in his differences on campaign finance reform (McCain-Feingold), or on hiking taxes (McCain-Lieberman), and certainly there is nothing to distinguish McCain from liberals on illegal immigration. McCain, in other words, is not merely a liberal Republican, he’s a liberal Democrat.

McCain is a liberal through and through.



If McCain turns out to be the GOP standard-bearer (pretty much a contradiction in terms), do I stay home on election day? What good would that do?



I can’t imagine Hillary or Obama as president of these glorious United States.

What a choice!



My particular beef is on the illegal immigration business – and it’s quite personal. McCain favors a “guest worker” program, for which we turn to the dictionary, where we find the word “guest” defined as someone who is “invited.” Who, then, invited these 12 million illegals?

What part of “illegal” isn’t clear enough?



Plainly, McCain favors virtually all the perks of citizenship for people who simply walked across our border and said, “Here I am.”



That sense of entitlement really irks. Along with McCain’s “outreach” director, Dr. Juan Hernandez, what’s next – Spanish as our official language?



(Yes, he supports “securing the borders first.” That’s pretty much becoming code for keeping them on this side, nice and snug.)



The United States of America – this is our home. In law enforcement, that’s called “breaking and entering” when people invade the sanctity of your property.



We arrest people who do this.



McCain says that we have to deal with “the people who are already here” as “a humanitarian issue.”

No – our humanitarian sympathies belong to the millions trying to get inside our home LEGALLY.

This is where it gets personal. I’m part of a family that (a generation ago, right after the Holocaust) waited, nervously, for 10 years to get into this country.



For 10 years this family tried to secure a “permanent” visa, and kept failing because of this or that quota restriction. I remember my father (beaten down by so many rebuffs) turning to one immigration lawyer after another to get the papers exactly right, and I also remember the exhaustion of energy and money it took to make it happen.



Every day there was another obstacle to overcome, another American Consulate official to pursue; yet for most of those 10 years, Dad seemed to be waiting in the wrong line.



Papers not in order!



Several times we were granted “temporary” visas, which got us to visit’s Mom’s family in Cincinnati. When that month was up, my folks were out of here in a snap, before the clock struck midnight. IT NEVER OCCURRED TO THEM TO STAY A MOMENT LONGER. That would be wrong, it would be dishonest, it would be unethical, it would be rude, it would be ILLEGAL.



It never occurred to them to trespass.



I imagine the same holds true for so many others around the world who are abiding the law and waiting their turn to be invited.



THOSE are the people who merit our sympathies.

My folks finally got the papers. They lived and died in America, which until the end they referred to as “the golden land.”

I could never vote for a man who thinks less of this country.


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