U.S. too lenient toward illegal immigrants

Eunice S. Barrow

U.S. citizens have been too lenient and complacent regarding illegal immigration. Now we have them trying to show power, protesting on the Capitol grounds.

After Japan was defeated in World War II, a leader said, “We woke the sleeping Tiger.” What has to happen before citizens realize how much it is costing to pay for health care and special education for children who do not hear English spoken at home?

Take notice of the names of those who are doing drug deals, hiding it in vehicles, thefts, assault, driving without insurance or license.

It is commendable that lawmakers are finally going to enforce our laws requiring applicants to have legal documents to obtain a driver’s license.

If we could curb spending on those who have no right to it, we could afford to give more to our veterans and schools.


One Response to “U.S. too lenient toward illegal immigrants”

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