John McCain Does Not Deserve The Republican Nomination

by John W. Lillpop

In this the winter of political muckraking and dirty tricks, when candidates play foot loose and fancy free with the truth, one fact remains irrefutable:

John McCain is one of the most courageous Americans to have ever donned the uniform of the United States military. Put simply, the man is a national hero who deserves the undying respect and gratitude of the American people for his military service, including several years as a POW in North Vietnam.

However laudable his military credentials may be, John McCain does not deserve the Republican nomination for the presidency.

This is so because America’s best hope for the future is to elect, and continue to elect, dedicated conservatives to serve as the nation’s CEO and to serve in Congress.

Unfortunately, John McCain does not support certain conservative objectives.

On issues ranging from tax cuts to campaign finance reform, McCain’s voting record is more aligned with that of ultra-liberal Ted Kennedy, than with conservatives.

His greatest conservative shortfall is in the area of illegal immigration, where the Arizona senator actually joined forces with Ted Kennedy last summer to promote amnesty for as many as 38 million invaders currently on American soil.

Like George W. Bush and other open borders advocates, McCain insists that he was only interested in “reform,” and not amnesty.

But how can one logically argue that rewarding tens of millions of people who have violated U.S. borders and immigration laws with a “path to citizenship” is anything but amnesty?

That spurious argument has been soundly rejected by the American people, and should be abandoned by McCain as well.

Anything short of deportation is amnesty, Senator!

By now, America and her politicians should have learned a lesson from the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986:

Namely, amnesty only begets more millions of illegal aliens.

Indeed, since amnesty was granted to several million illegal aliens back then, another 38 million or so have unilaterally decided to make America their home.

And why not? Why go through the rigors of legal immigration when one can simply invade America and wait for politicians like George W. Bush and John McCain to “reform” the law in favor of the invaders?

John McCain’s disdain for the rule of law spiked last June when he decided that that fear-mongering was essential in order to sell his amnesty snake oil to an increasingly skeptical public.

On June 2, McCain rolled out his fear-based defense of amnesty on the campaign trail in Le Mars, Iowa. Responding to a question about deportation of illegal aliens, McCain delivered the following dilly:

“In case you hadn’t noticed, the thousands of people who have been relegated to ghettos have risen up and burned cars in France,” McCain said. “They’ve got huge problems in France. They have tremendous problems. The police can’t even go into certain areas in the suburbs of Paris. I don’t want that in the suburbs of America.”

With all due respect to the senator, warning American citizens that government will not enforce certain laws because to do so would lead to rioting is unacceptable and, frankly, incredibly dumb!

It is also irresponsible and reckless, because it conveys a very dangerous message, which is:

“America is governed by the rule of law, except when the threat of anarchy and violence is too great. In which case, congress and the president will simply change the law to legalize what had been illegal, thereby pacifying those guilty of behavior once considered unlawful.”

In addition to the anti-American stench in McCain’s riot warning, one wonders:

If John McCain had been as cowardly and deferential to his communist captors as he would apparently be to illegal aliens, would he have even survived Vietnam?

Moreover, now that a sitting U.S. senator and leading candidate for the presidency has warned that mob rule, rather rule of law, may be the foundation for future government immigration policy and action, will the illegal alien community decide to play the R card (riot!) in order to get its way?

Finally, McCain and others intent on legalizing 38 million illegal aliens argue that amnesty makes sense because Latino aliens share values common to the majority of Americans.

That may be so, but I’ll be damned if I can recall a single instance when millions of American citizens resorted to rioting because of displeasure with legitimate laws and enforcement.

But perhaps some rioting from American citizens is needed to convince the likes of John McCain to abandon amnesty and his ill begotten strategy of surrender to illegal aliens?

John W. Lillpop is an independent columnist


4 Responses to “John McCain Does Not Deserve The Republican Nomination”

  1. If I was President of Mexico as soon as the election is over in November I would actively help 10,000 poor peasant families to stream across the border what would we do to stop them? They could play the media have women and kids fighting to get across ‘brutal’ US Immigration Agents apprehending them when all they want is a chance to work and live in America. I would refuse the US attempts to repatriate them. Thus forcing the US to build refuge camps so between the camps to house them and the ‘brutal’ efforts to apprehend them I would start using the media to blow-up the situation and ‘Guantanamo’ the US at the UN and charge the US Government with human rights violations. Then in the mean time I would continue to assist large groups of a thousand or more to cross over thus continuing to over whelm the Border Agents and local law enforcement. By the time Troops or Nation Guard moves toward the borders I would make sure I had a half million across the border including empting my prisons, something like Cuba did a few years back. Of course once the Guard and Troops are on the border they might slow things down but there will be mistakes someone will get hurt or killed so I would urgently approach the UN Security Council asking for sanctions against the US for human rights violations of these poor refugees, think of all the countries that would love to be able to do that just to get even.

    Working with liberal left-wing groups would stage massive protest about the US’s treatment of these poor immigrants (of course no mention that they are illegal), during these protest they will charge the fence where even more illegals would be waiting to cross over and get lost in the protesting masses. As will happen some US citizens of Hispanic decent will be ask to ID themselves or held for identification and confirmation of citizenship at which time the ACLU will seek an injunction against the Border Patrol and other enforcement Agency claiming constitutional rights violation. Within six months most of the Southwestern United States would for all intent be under the control of Mexico.

  2. americanchaos Says:

    Sounds to me what you would like to see is a war total anarchy. Americans and Mexicans killing each other in the streets. your idea would surely cause a Civil War. Americans have been pushed far to close to the edge on illegal immigration I think something like that would just make em snap. Don’t underestimate the American people or our Government they would see this as an invasion and a act of war.

  3. No i don’t want to see that, but like I said what could you do what action could you take to stop it that couldn’t be spinned in such a way to make the US look bad and brutal? I would make sure they were lots and lots of kids and families. Plaster the net and the air waves with heart breaking stories of mothers declaring I only come for a better life, I come to work so I may feed my children, or their father he has worked in the US for many years I only wish for us to be together like a family. face it if you handled the media right it would be just like Katrina! Were afterward we found out that 75% of what the media reported wasn’t true! I could see it now Juan Hernandez decrying: “Little children are being raped and killed as I speak!” don’t forget this is the same media that declared that our brave troops were brutalizing and raping their way across Iraq. Face it it could easily be done.

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