By Joe Falco

Joe’s arguments here are some of the best!

Illegal immigration is a sore spot in America; illegal aliens are crossing our borders at an alarming rate, activists want to fling our borders open and give social services to anyone who requests them. The national debate on illegal aliens is creating another conundrum and the answer to the problem is slipping away. My question is – what’s wrong with the laws we already have on the books? America’s immigration policy is over a hundred years old. We have protocols in place for foreigners to come here legally. These laws, policies, and protocols have worked well for a very long time. I believe the problem lies with the way these laws are interpreted and enforced, or as many contend not enforced.

So who’s right? Should we create new laws that supplant the laws already on the books, should we ignore the laws, should we all have a group hug, a good cry, and put the whole world on welfare?

I keep hearing the word fair being bandied about. Okay, let us examine the fairness argument. Illegal alien advocates are saying it’s not fair to deny illegal aliens the opportunity to cross our borders and it’s not fair to bar illegal aliens from obtaining social services once they’re here. Based on the doctrine of fairness, we must determine who isn’t being treated fairly. For that, we have to look at the American taxpayer, we have to look at our over-burdened social services system, and we have to look at the job market. The question is this, is it fair for American taxpayers to be ripped off by people who break the law to come here? Is it fair for America’s poor to be denied benefits because illegal aliens are sucking the system dry, is it fair to America’s lower wage workers to be denied a higher wage because the low end labor market is flooded with illegal aliens who will work for sub-standard wages?. Is it fair to foreigners who follow the rules and remain on long waiting lists to enter America?

So far, it doesn’t seem fair at all does it? That is unless you believe lawbreakers deserve special favors. Unless you believe, the rest of us should pay the cost of those favors with our hard-earned tax dollars. What’s fair about any of this? It’s not fair to American citizens, and when it comes to fairness in America shouldn’t American citizens be at the top of the fairness food chain?

Since when is it okay to put non-Americans ahead of Americans? Is it fair to Americans to have our laws violated? Isn’t it wrong to have people break our laws by sneaking into our country? Will illegal aliens who sneak in to America respect any of our laws? Most likely not!

Currently, illegal aliens are breaking many of our laws: they drive without licenses and insurance, they commit fraud by stealing American citizen’s identities, they violate our tax laws, they work without green cards, and many are involved in the drug trade. Many illegal aliens have no respect for America, our culture, or our laws. They see America as a cash cow, a place they can sneak into, work off the books, and send money home. Last year illegal aliens sent over 16 billion dollars back to their homelands. That’s 16 billion taken out of America’s economy, is that fair? What about anchor children? Anchor children are children born to illegal aliens on American soil—and once the child is born, the child and its parents get a free ride on the social services train. Is that fair?

Today’s illegal aliens are not the same as the immigrants who passed through Ellis Island in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The goals of these two immigrant groups are very different. The Ellis Island immigrants left everything they had to come here. They did not intend to return to the old country, they came here to be Americans. They looked to assimilate into the American culture. There were no social services, there were no advocates, and there were no special laws or privileges for them. All there was, was an opportunity to work hard, overcome adversity, learn the language and the culture, and prepare their children to be more American then they were. The Ellis Island immigrants came to America to help build this nation while building a better life for themselves and their families. They came here with little more than hope and faith. Hope of a better life and faith that America would give them an opportunity to be Americans and benefit from all things American. Sadly this is not the case with today’s illegal aliens, the new immigrants are coming to America to see what they can take rather than give. In other words, they come to see what America can do for them, not what they can do for America.

The fairest thing America can do for illegal aliens is to find them and deport them, and deny them any and all social services. America needs to seal its porous borders so no more will risk the dangers of sneaking into our country. This is the fairest solution to this problem. It’s fair to all Americans, and it’s fair to illegal aliens. What’s unfair to everyone is to ignore our immigration laws and allow illegal immigration to continue. The latest estimates on the number of illegal aliens in America is 20 million. Tell me—is that fair? I think not!

And that’s the way I see it.

Joe Falco




You can listen to Joe Falco’s radio show in South Florida on AM-1230 WBZT, or on the Internet at WWW.WBZT.COM The show is simulcast on Thursdays and Fridays at 5-PM Eastern time. And on Saturdays, Joe does a very special show from 6 to 8 PM on AM 1290 WJNO. You can listen to his live broadcast in South Florida, or to the live simulcast on the Internet. WWW.WJNO.COM








  1. kresti thompson Says:

    Dear Joe, Thank you so much for expressing clearly the reality of our situation here in the beautiful United States of America. I have recently found so many Americans ( on the web) who are so frustrated with our elected officials. I thought I was alone and yet I find so many saying the same thing. We are a Kind and Courageous people with an innate love for the under dog we are also a land of laws and without the law we have anarchy. Mexico is rich in oil; silver; hard workers; beautiful coast lines and arguably better teaching methods in Math. Why don’t they provide school for all their citizens? No Country can allow unfettered immigation of an uneducated, expectant (free services) basically 3rd world population to our ever increasing welfare state.
    I have so many stories of mexican american 1st generation, educated here, work here and will tell me they are more loyal to Mexico. I am sickened and disheartened. I love my Country, I understand the need for a well educated prosperous population if you are going to have a democracy. Basically the rich have passed on the cost of their cheap labor to us. Our wages are depressed our schools are failing our hospitals are closing our towns are covered with graffiti???? Wouldn’t Mexico benefit from a remigration of their own better educated healthier more expectant population. I’m afraid I’m becoming a racist. Who can help us? More and more American citizens are being actually killed by Mexican illegal immigrants!!!!! I Digress I’m so Frustrated! I live next door to a house FULL of illegals days go by and I don’t hear my native langauge. I go for a walk and fell like I’m the immigrant. My American flag has been egged. Its absolutley nuts…………..Take care, Kresti

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