Illegal immigrants should be of prime concern to voters

By William Samuels

In Missouri’s presidential primary on Feb. 5, nothing matters more than turning back the Third World invasion of illegalimmigrants.

When moderate numbers of foreigners arrive legally and strive to adopt America’s language and culture, it’s immigration. But when millions illegally violate our borders with the support of a foreign government (Mexico’s) and openly talk of “reconquista” —reconquest — this is not immigration but invasion.

Every candidate now proffers some kind of solution. But all Democratic and most Republican candidates have records ranging from ambiguous to treasonous. We can, however, count on Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) to guard our borders and enforce our laws.

Taxes, abortion, the Middle East and other issues are also vital, and Ron Paul is also right about these. But when we turn back the invasion, this country can satisfactorily resolve them all in due time. Yet if the invasion succeeds (and it advances a little farther each day), there may no longer be a country, or, if there is, it will not be our country.

Unless we defeat the invasion — not just halt it, but turn it back — some now reading this will see a time when the American majority becomes a minority in their own homeland. If we have a Third World majority, we shall become a Third World land and no longer be part of Western civilization — not a future Americans should ever want to leave for their children and grandchildren.


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