Border Patrol Auxiliary Launches Nationwide Membership Drive

By Border Patrol Auxiliary

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Private Sector Organization Assists Border Patrol and Citizen Watch Groups In Securing America

San Diego, CA—The Border Patrol Auxiliary (BPAUX) announced today a membership drive to encourage US Citizens or Naturalized Americans to participate in the private sector effort to secure America. The Border Patrol Auxiliary is a private non- profit 501C-3 Association affiliated with the Homeland Security Policy Institute Group. BPAUX is not a government agency but an organization dedicated to Homeland Security and in involving Americans in the security of their own country.

Bringing the private citizen into the effort is an ongoing policy of the Department of Homeland Security and DHS supports citizens and citizen watch groups by offering training. BPAUX will provide that training and a coordinated link between the citizen and DHS. Additionally BPAUX will provide training and support for local Disaster Preparedness Programs.

“We wanted to find a way that Citizen Watch Groups could become properly trained in border watch activities and more actively involved in the entire homeland security process. The DHS Certified Training for Citizen Watch Groups is the answer and BPAUX will be offering it nationwide” noted Ken Dreger BPAUX Leader. “In addition, our leadership has more than 125,000 hours of border watch experience and have developed a solid working relationship with BP and DHS. Some members are former Border Patrol Agents themselves.” he added.

Members can participate in a wide variety of activities and living on or near the US Borders is not a requirement. BPAUX has a Nationwide BPAUX CYBERWATCH program where members can surf the web looking for threats to the country and forward that information to a central threat center for dissemination to DHS. Cyber Watchers can also monitor Border Cams and report incursions to the threat center as well.

A Marine Division is in the works whereby members can watch waterways in border areas for unusual activity and report that activity to Border Patrol. Many areas like San Diego, Texas and Florida as well as northern Border States report daily incursions. Members will be required to complete Coast Guard Boater Safety Training as well as specialized BPAUX training.

A Light Air Wing for Ultra-Lite enthusiasts, Disaster Preparedness and Civil Defense Training as well as boots on the ground border watch efforts round out the BPAUX activities.

“There are more than 300 citizen border watch groups in this country today. Our goal is to provide proper training and a coordinated effort to maximize their effectiveness. This is a non-political, synergistic approach to border security. We applaud those citizen watch groups who have taken the bold step to bring about significant change. This is not about competing but more about bringing a collective national voice to their efforts.” reported Carl Braun, BPAUX Leader. “This is a great way to work with BP and DHS in a semi-official capacity.” he added.

Prospective members must successfully complete a felony background check provided by BPAUX and be interviewed to ensure no racist, bigoted, nativist or xenophobic tendencies or beliefs are exhibited. Citizens with no other border watch experience or affiliation may join as well as individuals involved in current border watch efforts provided they comply with BPAUX rules and guidelines.

BPAUX is non-political and is focused exclusively on Homeland Security. It has no direct affiliations with any other organization except the Homeland Security Policy Institute Group.

Citizens interested in membership should visit for more information. Membership benefits include monthly newsletter, The Daily Open Source Infrastructure Report (threat report) that goes to the White House Staff as well as many local, state, & federal agencies across America, a voucher for use in the BPAUX Pro Shop and ability to participate in all BPAUX activities.

Carl Braun
BPAUX Leader

About Homeland Security Policy Institute Group
In response to national security directives, the non-profit Homeland Security Policy Institute Group works to improve opportunities and methods for cooperative action between the private and public sectors in Homeland Security applications. As differentiated from National Security, the federal government alone cannot accomplish the paradigm of Homeland Security. In the United States, more than 80% of the critical infrastructure is in the private sector. Critical infrastructure provides the foundation for our national security, governance, and economic vitality, and way of life.
Our protection from and response to terrorism requires coordination between public sector agencies and private sector businesses. While the need for coordination between the public and private sectors is powerfully stated in national strategy documents, few private sector collaborative activities have occurred. The private sector has not organized within itself nor coordinated with the public sector. HSPIG has recognized that the lack of private sector organization, preparation, and training has limited this essential private-public collaborating necessary to counter and respond to terrorism.
As a privately funded non-profit organization, HSPIG retains a Private sector orientation including rapid response to change and sensitivity to resource and cost concerns.
Visit for more information.


3 Responses to “Border Patrol Auxiliary Launches Nationwide Membership Drive”

  1. Brian Padilla Says:

    I checked out this group for myself and found they are just more of the Simcox Minutemen looking for cash to sustain their existance. They did drive to the border, take credit for building a fence that the government had obviously built, then returned to their base camp miles away wehre they BBQued and complained about Mexicans and blacks taking their jobs. Is there anyone actually doing something about illegal immigration who isn’t just trying to scam money? This is frustrating.

  2. TruthInAction Says:

    The BPAux are widely regarded as wnanabe’s byt the real Border Patrol. They are in fact the MCDC Minutemen jsut trying to make more money. Seriously, what have they actually done to secure the border?

  3. Jim Simpson Says:

    I would like to subscribe to any updates in the east San Diego county.


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