Americans Want New Presidential Blood, not ‘Retreads!’

By Jan Herron & S. J. Miller


Despite consistent polls showing that 70-80% of Americans want immigration laws enforced and the border secured, most 2008 Presidential hopefuls pay no attention to Americans at all. Candidates like Guiliani, Romney and McCain are nothing but “Retreads” parroting the tired Bush Party Line telling ad nauseum the hardships faced by illegal aliens living in the US, and insist on forcing amnesty for illegals on resisting Americans.

Of course, Retread candidates don’t call them illegal aliens–they use “undocumented immigrants” or “unauthorized workers” or some other sympathy-generating politically-correct and politically-expedient term. Even George Bush in Tuesday’s SOTU speech still clings to oxymoron terms like “illegal immigrants.” (And how can an immigrant–who by definition in federal immigration law 8 USC 1101 has a valid visa–be “illegal?”)

Retreads carefully evade mentioning the damage done to middle and low-income Americans by the illegal alien invasion. (Yes Virginia, that’s what it really is–an invasion. The 5,000 illegal aliens daily breaking into the US equal a regiment, and each month it’s the equivalent of a field army. That’s more troops than we have in Iraq or that landed in Normandy on D-Day in 1944!).

George Bush only spoke of “hope and opportunity” and didn’t mention the collapsing emergency rooms illegal aliens use for their FREE primary medical care, the public schools buckling to accommodate their children, or the increasing tax burden for illegal aliens forced on middle-income Americans who gain nothing from this illegal alien invasion.

Nor did Bush refer to the increasing social unrest that he promotes by ignoring the wishes of Americans in forcing us to accept his plan of amnesty for these illegal alien invaders. He wants a debate that’s “serious, civil, and conclusive.” But Americans aren’t fooled by this whining and sniveling either. They know that the Retreads’ calls for “civility” are aimed only at Americans who disagree with their illegal alien amnesty plan, and their real meaning is “Shut up, because we don’t want to hear it. We’ve made the decision and you have nothing to say about it.” Retreads weren’t calling for “civility” when 100,000 illegal aliens shut down the Chicago Loop at Friday rush hour waving their Mexican flags demanding “rights” and telling Americans “This is our land–go back to Europe.”

It’s an outrage that Retreads intentionally malign and defame American men and women whose only “offense” is publicly identifying and discussing the problem of illegal immigration as a historic national crisis. Retreads may fool themselves but they don’t deceive Americans. That’s why the average American voter is ecstatic that Congressmen Duncan Hunter, Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo have entered the 2008 Presidential race. They know these three statesmen will insist that the immigration issue (both legal and illegal) be recognized and addressed as a top issue in the Republican Party’s platform. Three cheers to Hunter, Paul and Tancredo!

Americans demand an acknowledgment and resolution of the illegal immigration issue, and have lost patience with Retreads’ repeatedly and arrogantly putting aside their best interests in favor of big business and ethnic lobbies. Politicians like George Bush, Ted Kennedy, John McCain and their cronies will be responsible for civil unrest likely to produce violence and even bloodshed, both from Americans graduating from “frustration” to “anger” as well as from illegal aliens with an inherent disregard for the rule of law. Responsibility will fall on those who continually told Americans (in effect) to “Shut up because we’re going to do what we want and not what serves citizens’ interests.”

While on the surface it may appear that each side of the aisle has a different “master,” (Republicans serving global business’ demands for cheap labor vs. Democrats seeking the “cheap votes” from ethnic lobbies), the reality is that they’re both in bed together. Examination of donor lists of LULAC, MALDEF and other ethnic lobbies reveals the multi-national corporations who traditionally demand that Republicans deliver cheap labor.

In 2008, we must give “the boot” to these “Retreads” who refuse to represent “We the People.” These worthless hacks are easy to recognize; unknowns don’t achieve Presidential candidacy. These “retreads” who ignore citizens’ opinions and interests have a clear track record of easily identified red flags:

  • Retreads refuse to call the invaders what they are: illegal aliens. Instead, they choose diluted, politically-correct and pandering terms like “undocumented migrants” and “unauthorized workers.” Examples include Senator John McCain who “prefers the term illegal immigrant” (1) in precise lock-step with George Bush’s 2007 SOTU speech. Similar panderers abound on the opposite side of the aisle: Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, John Kerry are Democratic Retreads who parrot the snake oil pitch that illegal aliens are valuable “citizens” of the US instead of the lawbreakers they are.
  • Retreads call for “civil” discussion. Again, John McCain is strict obedience to the George Bush dictates reflected in the 2007 State of the Union address. (1) (Interestingly, McCain’s whining to “tone down the debate” followed a Town Hall the previous evening in Sun Lakes, AZ where all who attended rejected the McCain-Kennedy “not an amnesty” bill. If any of the 1500 people in attendance supported the “Godfather of Amensty’s” proposal, they remained silent that night.(3) Next morning came McCain’s sniveling call for “toning down the debate.”)
  • Retread John McCain has legitimately earned his reputation for arrogance. While organizing and leading “congressional visiting teams” during the May 2006 Senatorial Amnesty passage, I personally saw the self-built shrine in his Phoenix district office lobby. Politicians often display photos of themselves with other important people to impress visitors, but not John McCain. One entire wall of the office lobby is covered floor-to-ceiling with framed magazine covers upon which McCain’s picture commands sole place on the cover!


    Even I was amazed when office manager Babette Donaldson told of the 100,000-letter backlog of letters on the immigration issue that McCain’s Washington office faced. There’s no doubt that the prevailing message in those letters ISN’T “Senator, you’re doing a wonderful job with your bill giving amnesty to illegal aliens and another guest worker plan that gives workers and their families Medicare coverage” (and why does McCain need to bring non-working spouses and children to get work done “that Americans won’t do?”)

    Voters don’t behave like that; they write primarily when they oppose a politician’s bills. Yet knowing that he’ll want the votes of each of the 100,000 Americans who wrote those letters and e-mails, “Godfather of Amnesty” McCain arrogantly continues to force illegal alien amnesty on Americans.

  • Newspapers who copy and praise Retreads’ behavior should also be rejected as credible sources of accurate reporting. The brave few like Lou Dobbs who are marginalized by the ethnic and open borders lobbies are actually the only sources of what really happens and why. Nearly 8 months after the disgraceful conviction of two honest and brave Border Patrol agents for doing their job of intercepting an illegal alien drug smuggler, no national news network and few newspapers have reported the story the Bush Administration wants hushed up.
  • Retreads pander to racism with membership in congressional caucuses geared to ethnic bias rather than ideology should be rejected as demagogues and worse. Examples are the Congressional Black Caucus, (Democratic) Hispanic Caucus and (Republican) Hispanic Caucus and the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus. That such organizations claim “being black is an unwritten rule” or admit non-Hispanics as “associate members” (translated second-class members) would provoke a firestorm of condemnation if practiced by “white” counterparts.
  • Can you imagine a “Congressional Anglo-European Caucus” where Black, Hispanic or Asian member of Congress were “associate” instead of “full” status? The clear message sent by members of such caucus groups is “racism is OK so long as ‘whites’ are excluded” That It’s NOT OK must be shouted loud and clear by Americans–black, brown, red, white and yellow.
  • Retreads’ calls for “civility” are no more than the “Can’t we all just get along?” cries of the liberal side of the open-borders lobby. Considering that such liberals established and perpetuate such ethnic caucus groups, the liberals have answered their own question–they don’t want to “get along” with anyone and their cries are both hypocriticals as well as whining and sniveling. Their “Can’t we all just get along?” brands them as crybabies.
  • Reject “white” politicians who accommodate such racists by being “keynote speakers” at racist organizations, extolling racist agendas of groups like National Council of LaRaza, League of United Latin-American Citizens and the like. Again, such disgraceful behavior spans both sides of the aisle: George Bush, John McCain, Ted Kennedy, HIllary Clinton, John Kerry and many others whose lack of integrity or ethnics allow them to obsequiously seek votes at any pandering price.
  • Americans have had enough of illegal aliens being given our economic and natural resources while “Retread” politicians send the bill to law-abiding citizens. The President and Congress who have refused to enforce our immigration laws are responsible for the overpopulation and urban sprawl that bankrupts every law-abiding American citizen and legal immigrant. These politicians give “cheap labor” to big business and send the subsidy bill to taxpayers.

    Let every cheap and pandering Retread politician beware that Americans increasingly and unashamedly reflect the spirit of Howard Jarvis who led California’s 1978 taxpayer revolt in shouting “we’re mad as hell and we won’t take it anymore!”

    Spineless politicians ignore citizen outrage at their own political peril, much as did Congressman Jim Kolbe of Arizona, who voluntarily retired rather than face the humiliation of a “voters’ pink slip.”

    Americans have a country to save. Let’s roll!

    ~ About the authors ~

    Jan Herron can be contacted at:

    S. J. Miller is a former veteran of the IT industry who sought another career rather than “follow the jobs” abroad, and a lifelong resident of border states, California, Texas, Arizona, and Nevada.

    The Herron Archive on The Federal Observer

    The S. J. Miller Archive on The Federal Observer


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