Welcome to John McCain’s “Wild” America

By Local 2544

This is the entrance to a “National Forest” in Southern Arizona. It features beautiful, wide open views, nice roads, oak trees, a pleasant climate, lots of wildlife, and is paid for and maintained by the American taxpayers. It also features lots of smuggling activity (both drugs and illegal aliens), tons of trash, stolen cars, shooting (non-sportsmen), and a pit in your stomach if you dare take your family there for a “relaxing” day, weekend, or vacation. Needless to say, it’s almost always bereft of the good, solid, taxpaying American citizens who should be enjoying it. With the above welcome sign, it’s shocking that more people don’t decide to spend some “quality” time in our beautiful National Forests in Southern Arizona.

And Senator McCain’s answer to all the mayhem on our border in his “home” state of Arizona? Another huge amnesty program, of course (the last one worked so well he thinks it’s time to do it all over again). If he becomes president (God forbid), the rest of America can start looking forward to these types of “recreational” areas as well. Another popular recreational area near the Arizona border just featured a Border Patrol agent and a fine family man snuffed out in broad daylight by a ruthless smuggler. Thanks for your support Senator McCain! Please keep selling us out so we can look forward to more deaths, more rockings, more shootings, more assaults, and more mayhem. If McCain can contribute to this much mayhem in his “home” state by encouraging millions more illegal aliens to come here with incessant pandering and promises of future massive amnesty programs, just think of the damage he can do as your president.

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