Border Patrol Report Describes 29 Armed Mexican Incursions into US

by Jim Kouri, CPP – Judicial Watch, the public interest group created to investigate and prosecute suspects in government corruption cases, recently released a secret a Department of Homeland Security and US Border Patrol report titled, “Mexican Government Incidents: 2006 Fiscal Year Report.”

The report was obtained by JW attorneys under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  Had Judicial Watch not submitted its September 2007 FOIA request, their spokesperson believes this information would not have been made public.

The report describes 29 confirmed incidents that occurred in 2006 along the US-Mexican border involving Mexican military and/or law enforcement personnel, 17 of which involved armed Mexican government agents.  Among the incidents cited:

MEXICAN MILITARY ENCOUNTER (ARMED/INTENTIONAL) EL PASO – FORT HANCOCK STATION – At 2 P.M. on January 3, 2006, [Troopers] attempted to apprehend three vehicles believed to be smuggling contraband on I-10…As the vehicles approached the border, [Troopers] stated that a Mexican Military Humvee armed with a .50 caliber weapon and several soldiers were seen assisting smugglers return to Mexico…Officers then noticed several armed subjects dressed in fatigue type clothing unload the contraband into the Humvee.  These subjects set fire to the stalled vehicle before leaving the area…

MEXICAN POLICE INCURSION (ARMED/INTENTIONAL) TUCSON NOGALES STATION – On June 2, 2006, a Border Patrol Agent assigned to the Nogales, Arizona station encountered two Mexican Police Officers that had illegally entered into the U.S. one mile west of the Mariposa Port of Entry…the Mexican Police Officers ran back into Mexico when ordered [by Border Patrol] to remain for questioning.

MEXICAN MILITARY INCURSION (ARMED/INTENTIONAL) EL CENTRO SECTOR – CALEXICO STATION – On September 16, 2006, a Border Patrol Agent assigned to the Calexico, California Station observed an individual in an olive drab uniform with a possible Mexican flag on the shoulder approximately 100 yards north of the International Border near the Calexico POE.  The individual appeared to be carrying a sidearm and was running southbound to Mexico through the vehicle lanes of the Calexico POE.

The document also states that between 1996 and September 30, 2006 there were 253 confirmed incursions into the United States by Mexican government personnel.  Prior to release to Judicial Watch, the Department of Homeland Security evaluated the information in the report as “For Official Use Only” and containing “Law Enforcement Sensitive Information.”

“These documents not only show the dangerous and chaotic situation at the Mexican border, but also the complicity of some Mexican government agents in violating US law,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.  “The U.S. government must begin to take these incidents more seriously, publicize them and take measures to bring the crisis at our border under control.”

Judicial Watch is best known for exposing the alleged corruption that occurred in both the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush Administrations.

Additional Mexican government incursion reports for 2003 through 2005 are available on the Judicial Watch Internet site at:


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