Why McCAIN’s Pro-AMNESTY Campaign Advisor is a big freakin’ deal…

by: Kevin McCullough

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slimy, race-baiting, pro-amnesty, McCain adviser: Juan Hernandez

Old Senator McCain nearly pulled it off. He nearly had GOP voters thinking that he gave more than a rat’s backside about the security of our borders. He nearly had once again morphed his angry, goof-ball demeanor into a lovable fuzz-ball just waiting for us to give him the chance to take the reigns of the nation.Sadly with the presence of the openly hostile Dr. Juan Hernandez on his campaign, McCain’s hope for the presidency should be discarded rather quickly.I’ve watched thousands of hours of television punditry over the last 10 years, and video-taped or tivo’d/DVR’d thousands more.

Never in the course of human events has there been a more open, race-baiting, dual-citizened, regionalist, “hate America” spokesman to speak against the cause of America’s border security than Dr. Juan.

Bryan Preston captured some of the more disturbing elements, (though just the tip of the iceberg) of what Dr. Juan has advocated for in recent months.

But the revelation that this man serves on McCain’s staff demonstrates but one thing: John McCain solicits the advice of pro-amnesty Mexicans, as opposed to pro-U.S. border-security American citizens.

With McCain’s repeated intolerance of being labeled “pro-amnesty” flaring up recently, it becomes increasingly clear that while he may have tried to shed the label, he still very much runs with those, in fact listens to the advice of those, who want to see our border be overrun – not secured.

Hernandez is the poster child for the problems of allowing “dual citizenship,” and to think that McCain has had him part of his campaign since November tells us all we need to know… and when it comes to voting for a GOP candidate who is serious about border security – He ain’t the guy!


3 Responses to “Why McCAIN’s Pro-AMNESTY Campaign Advisor is a big freakin’ deal…”

  1. Mr McCullough,

    Love your outstanding website! Yes, these timely revelations of McCain’s current shamnesty-Juan Hernandez connections are huge. I hope to see more of your insights regarding the “media’s darling”/Republican Fraud on your Townhall column, soon. I’d also love it if this relevant info on McCain-Juan Hernandez was shoved right under Michael Medved’s nose…

    Best Wishes, and keep up the good work..

  2. Joan Archibad Says:

    I just found this while researching Juan Hernandez. this man is a dangerous tool to divide the American citizen and the illegal hispanics. If I knew nothing more, just watching him on Fox, on video, I get a squeamish feeling of the charlatan whose mocking we ‘gringos’ is superficially overlaid with that supercilious smile. His close collaboration between America (GWB and other presidents?) and Mexico’s Vincente Fox is worrisome….I know this is the way to a global economy, but most alarming…to a global culture in a New World multi-government….sovereignty out the window. The trail leading to and from Hernandez should not be lost.

  3. americanchaos Says:

    People like Juan Hernandez could care less about Americans already here and obviously not give a crap for the low wage workers in this country that the influx of millions of more unskilled laborers will devastate. This man is the purest form of racist you can find. He cares only for people of his race. While he decries anyone in the United states of showing patriotism or nationalism, he takes nationalism to the extreme, by openly calling for us to give up our sovereignty all for the benefits of Mexico and people of his race.

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