Who is Juan Hernandez?

Juan Hernandez, the former Mexican Secretary For Immigration Affairs under the Vicente Fox administration in Mexico, has been discovered to be working for the John McCain campaign as their Hispanic Outreach Director. For those who don’t know Juan Hernandez is a dual citizen of the United States and Mexico. Having worked in Mexico’s government and now apparently in ours, I consider him a double agent and obviously not working in just the best interests of the United States, but in the best interests of Mexico as well. These best interests include allowing millions of illegal aliens in the United States to remain here and in the future for millions more to come.

Hernandez has been quoted, and as you’ll see in the video in his own words, as saying that the Mexicans who do remain here in the United States are hoped to remain loyal to Mexico. Is this the kind of immigrants we want in this country? Do we really want people with loyalties to other countries remaining legally here and obtaining citizenship?

Not only is that a firm no. It is a …

Hell No!

People like Juan Hernandez could care less about Americans already here and obviously not give two hoots for the low wage workers in this country that the influx of millions of more unskilled laborers will devastate. This man is the purest form of racist you can find. He cares only for people of his race. While he decries anyone in the United states of showing patriotism or nationalism, he takes nationalism to the extreme, by openly calling for us to give up our sovereignty all for the benefits of Mexico and people of his race.

We should not allow people in this country to have dual citizenship. All it produces is foreign infiltrators like Juan Hernandez into our government and to be embedded within society and to manipulate policy that affects their true country of loyalty for the better.

Now for anyone who had any doubts about where John McCain truly stands regarding illegal immigration – and particularly border security and the sovereignty of our county – you have to look no further than him appointing this slimy man as his Hispanic Outreach Director. http://www.diggersrealm.com/mt/archives/002666.html

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