Go Ahead And Call Me A Racist !

Since the elitists in Congress have decided that leadership means running away from hard issues because others may call them names I propose we roll over in honor of their Spinelessness and play along. Go ahead and call me and others like me racist; just make sure to put it into the proper context.

I am a racist because I believe that the path to citizenship in my country has to be earned complete with the civic and social responsibilities that define the concepts of being a good American citizen. Concepts that includes a respect for our borders, language and culture.

I am a racist because I believe the long lines that my immigrant grandparents and relatives waited in as specified by the laws of the United States helped protect our country by documenting and screening all potential residents before they stepped foot on our soil.

I am a racist because I believe that citizenship in the United States is reserved for those who want to assimilate into American society in an effort to become part of the melting pot that makes this country great.

I am a racist because I believe that protecting our borders is an obligatory government function as opposed to an ignored thorn in the side of politicians who hope a new underclass will translate to political and personal power sometime in the future.

I am a racist because I believe that our elected officials are Americans first, complete with the obligation to uphold their duty to represent American interests in every way, shape and form.

I am a racist because I believe my American ancestors from all races and religions died in previous and current wars to protect the American way. Their service was not in vain and they gave the ultimate sacrifice to preserve those rights that our forefathers carved out in a uniquely American declaration.

I am a racist because I believe that hastily crafted legislation that is done in the secret of the night and without debate is the antithesis of American democracy. The kind I’d expect from lesser governments that have little regard for the citizens of their nations.

I am a racist because I believe that there are serious questions about the future economic impact this legislation will have on the already decrepit health care, social security and education infrastructures that politicians have failed to fix despite decades of promises by many of the very same people who failed to fix the immigration when given repeated chances to do so.

I am a racist because I think that border enforcement should be a top priority that need not be made more complicated by sucking it into the issue of what to do with the people that are already here in this country illegally. They can be dealt with separately without affecting the other adversely.

Finally, but neither last nor least, I am a racist because I think that stopping the flow of illegal immigrants into this country is the single most important issue facing the nation other than the war on terror. Its impact on society is devastatingly dangerous from a security point of view and unsupportable from an economic one.

If standing for any of the items I mentioned above makes me a racist then count me in. Those who want to call names instead of honestly and factually debating the issues unveil the truth behind their motives and underscores the vacuousness of their opposition to those who genuinely oppose the current Senate bill on the merits of the legislation.


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