WHAT has Mexico got to do with American Laws?

I just read an interesting article about Mexico’s President attempting to come into this country, and influence American views pertaining to “rights” for Mexican workers in this country. Then I read the well stated and coherent reply by Bryan McClellan on January 24, 2008, and the lines:

“We welcome all who come here legally and obey our rules,but clearly you seek to circumvent the will/laws of the American people and hope to shovel a pile of bullshit across our border so high that you make us the bad guy,when in reality it is you who are attempting tear the fabric of our nation asunder by ignoring the homegrown plight of your countrymen.”

I had two immediate reactions:

1.) I was appalled by the article. This head of State thinks that he can just strut about this country, stump speeching to whomever will give him audience, in favor positions that he was not invited to take? Who the Hell does this clown think he IS?

2.) Why? Why are those that are supposed to be protecting this country not telling this clown to pack up and get out, and don’t come back until invited to do so?

Then of course I realized who it was that we were talking about, and the answer was apparent.

Then a third thought occurred:

He is being allowed to do the talking for them…he’s a diversion of the “smoke and mirrors kind” that will allow the opportunists running for office in this country the chance to “magically” appear out of the fog, and “take on” the issue by appearing to share a certain “solidarity” with the clown and his road show (read as B.S.) for immigrant rights.

Personally, I agree with Mr McClellan when he states that we welcome the ones that are here legally. The immigrants that come here within the limits of the law, all seem to have one thing in common: They believe that this country is better than what they came from, and they believe in this country, and its way of life.

I say this from personal experience. I AM one of the legal ones. I am fiercely proud to be an American. So much so, that I refuse to travel on that other passport, because the oath that I took had me foreswear, and abjure ALL other allegiances.

That means something.

To me it means that you are either American or NOT. Let me be perfectly clear here, there is no room to be a hyphenated person in this country. One cannot be loyal to two cultures or manners of personal conduct any more than one can flap your arms and expect to fly.

Be an American, be legal, make all effort to successfully assimilate to American values…or GET OUT!

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