The United Nations’ Secret Agenda:Globalization and the Elimination of America’s Sovereignty

by Dr. Carl S. Parnell
Globalization relates to social change and the connectivity of societies around the world. The goal of globalization is to create one global village that has mutual understanding and friendship between all citizens of the world community. The signs of globalization are many. Some major ones are:

1. “Increase in international trade at a faster rate than the growth in the world economy 2. Greater international cultural exchange 3. Greater international travel and tourism 4. Greater immigration, including illegal immigration 5. Development of global telecommunications infrastructure 6. Development of global financial systems 7. Increase in the share of the world economy controlled by multinational corporations 8. Increase in the number of standards applied globally 9. Increased role of international organizations 10. Erosion of national sovereignty and national borders” (1)

As evidenced by these signs of globalism, it is dominant in the world today. However, all the elements of globalism are not good for the United States and the world, especially the issue of national sovereignty. The erosion of national sovereignty and national borders is the main hidden objective in the United Nations’ drive for global governance. Therefore, the United States’ government and all its citizens must become aware of the evils that are lurking throughout the halls of the United Nations.

In order to achieve its global agenda, the United Nations must divide the world into specific regions. The United Nations’ charter includes this goal in Chapters 8-11. It describes the organization of the world as “regional arrangements and intergovernmental agreements.” Presently, those leaders of the world who endorse the creation of a socialist-controlled global community have divided the world into 85 regions. By dividing the world into specific regions, it would be make it much easier to police. The United States is using this same principle, too. It is being used to create regions for coordinating all levels of government activities. In 1969, President Richard Nixon was responsible for dividing the United States into 10 regions which would be controlled by government bureaucrats. Eventually, the type organization could be responsible for the United States becoming a member of the new world community that will be controlled by the United Nations. (2)

The United Nations has many other policies that would usurp power from the United States government and the rights and privileges of its citizens. First, the United Nations has already gained control over many of America’s parks and historical sites. The UN is also attempting to gain control of America’s river systems. Secondly, it wants to decide for women if they can have babies and how many. Thirdly, the United Nations wants to dictate the economic and judicial structure for each nation in the world. Fourthly, they want to make the citizens of the United States fund the United Nations by a permanent tax. Lastly, the United Nations wants American military men who serve as part of its army to pledge allegiance to it instead of the United States of America. (2) Therefore, based on these United Nations’ policies, it is obvious that the UN is definitely not the international peace keeping organization that it claims to be. It is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Its clandestine agenda is to incorporate all nations of the world into one megalopolis with socialism as its governmental base. If the United Nations achieves their false agenda, the United States will no longer be a free nation.

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