Open borders advocate Juan Hernandez has joined the McCain campaign

John McCain says that he has heard the American people and now understands that we need to secure the border before enacting any “comprehensive” immigration reform. But John McCain has also said that he hasn’t changed his position. He supported amnesty in 2003 by name, proposed it in 2006 and 2007 without calling it amnesty, and says that anyone who says that he ever supported amnesty is a liar. He has insulted Americans who advocate border security and has cursed at the thought of building a border fence. Which of all of these is the real John McCain? The presence of Juan Hernandez in the background of the McCain campaign tells me that John McCain is as weak on border security now as he ever was.

Old school Hot Air readers might remember Dr. Juan Hernandez. He’s a dual citizen of the US and Mexico, was a member of Vicente Fox’s government, and is as open borders as you can get. In December 2006, Michelle hosted the Factor and the producers decided to see what it would be like to put her and Hernandez on the show together. “Chummy” does not describe the atmosphere.

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