Cuauhtémoc Morfin, Racist Mexican Leader Calls For Attacks On White Americans

Racist Mexican, Cuauhtémoc Morfin
Chicago, 23 of January.- Leaders of the Mexican community in Chicago reported today that they will ask president Felipe Calderon for his support in diverse common actions that will undertake to show the importance of their social and political presence in the United States.In a first meeting to define the approach that the President will do during his next visit to Chicago, the leaders agreed to give priority to the theme of the defense of the immigrant community before the defamatory climate and the pursuit that lives itself in diverse groups.

Counselors of the Institute of the Mexicans Abroad (IME) and common representatives considered the convenience to take the initiative and to propose forms of defense against that anti-immigrante climate, said journalists and sources of the meeting.

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2 Responses to “Cuauhtémoc Morfin, Racist Mexican Leader Calls For Attacks On White Americans”

  1. James Hoffa Says:

    ok, lets be clear on this how do we the people know that this man is a racist mexican. if we place racism in perpective its every where not just in a leader, i have worked personally with this man and i assure that he is not a racist mexican-american leader.

  2. Hello,

    This is just wrong !!! How can you publish false statements like this!

    Please remove this off your site!

    Please email me your phone numher to talk about this.


    Cesar Lopez

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