Who looks foolish

The Alamo Hero’s Or US ?

It is difficult to recall that stoutharted men such as Davy Crockett ( a nationaly known frontiresman and former congressman ). Will Travis ( only 23 years old with a little baby boy at home ). And Jim Bowie ( a wealthy land owner with properties on both sides of the Rio Grande ) really exsisted .

These were real men with real dreams and real desires. Real blood flowed through their veins. They loved their familes and enjoyed life as much as any of us. There was something different about them, however. They possessed a commitment to LIBERTY and that transcended personal safty and comfort. LIBERTY is an easy word to say, but it is hard word to live up to.

FREEDOM has little to do with financial gain or personal pleasure. Accompanying Freedom is her constant and unattractive companion, Responsibility. Neither is she an only child. Patriotism and Morality are her sisters they are inseparable; destroy one and all die ! Early in the seige, Travis wrote these words to the people of Texas “Fellow Citizens & Compatriots: I am besieged by a thousand or more of the Mexicans under Santa Anna . . .

The enemy has demanded a surrender at discretion, otherwise the garrison are to be put to the sword . . . I have answered with a cannon shot & OUR FLAG still waves proudly from the walls. . I shall never surrender or retreat. . VICTORY OR DEATH !
As you read those words, Remember they did not have the A.C.L.U. , P.E.T.A. , People for the UN – AMERICAN WAY, telling them the National Education Association telling them how intolarant and narrow minded their notions were . . A hostile Media did not constanly castigate them as a bunch of wild-eyed extremists. As for school childeren, they were not taught that their forefathers were nothing more than racist jerks !

The brave men at the Alamo labored under the belief that America ( And TEXAS ) really was “the land of the free and the home of the brave” . They believed God was on their side and that the freedom of future generations depended on their courage and resolve . . They further believed their posterity would remember their sacrifice as an act of LOVE and devotion . . It all looks pale now By todays standards, the gallent men of the Alamo appear rather foolish. After all they had no chance of winning-none . However, the call for Pragmatism and practically was never sounded . . Instead, they answered the clarion call, “VICTORY OR DEATH ! ”

Please try to remember the hero’s of the Alamo as you watch our gutless Polical and religious leaders surrender to compromise and polical correctness. . Try to recall the time in this country when ordinary men and women had the courage of their convictions were willing to scarifice their lives for FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE ! .
One thing is certain: those corageous champions at the Alamo did not die for a polical party or for some “lessor of two evils” mantra . . They fought and died for a principle, and that principle was LIBERTY and INDEPENDENCE. So did the men at Lexington and Concord .

That is our heritage

Today, however, our national leaders are in the process of turning AMERICA over to the very forces that the ALAMO DEFENDERS gave their lives for resisting to the end . . .
On second thought, do they look foolish, or do we ?


One Response to “Who looks foolish”

  1. The brave men at the Alamo labored under the belief that America ( And TEXAS ) really was “the land of the free and the home of the brave” .
    The Alamo was a battle in the Texas War for independence and not U.S. I know what some people say about being US led. No it was led by Texians.

    A descendent of Texians:
    Capt. Kincheloe, Who served under General Sam Houston
    Rev. William Benjamin Clark

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