The scary side of immigration

For those who thought the problem of illegal immigration had only to do with the illegal immigrants themselves or the drain that illegal immigration may place on infrastructure, let me present a whole new twist.Evidently, some of those coming illegally across our southern border are bringing more along with them than their families and a desire to improve their lot in life.

Some are also bringing “Latin America-style kidnappings,” according to a recent Associated Press story.

You know, I really enjoy the mix of cultures we find in the United States. It is without doubt one of the main reasons our country is as strong as it is. The larger culture’s absorption of the best elements of all sorts of cultures has made the United States the special place it is.

But there are some cultural idiosyncrasies I’d just as soon see left in the old country.

The whole suicide bomber phenomenon can stay where it is, for example. And I think we can live without widow-burning, honor killings, beheadings, child military conscription, and forced arranged marriages, among a number of other less-than-totally attractive foreign practices.

Call me crazy, but South American-style kidnap-murders of criminals by criminals is something else

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