Mayor in Mexico learns U.S. dilemma

What a wonderful awakening by Mayor Ruben Espino of San Luis Rio Colorado, Son., as reported in The Sun recently. People are coming into his community because of recent Arizona law changes and they will be a burden to the social services of his city.

There is probably not a mayor in any Western or border state city that couldn’t directly relate to Espino’s dilemma of having people come into an area and needing social services. One difference is that they came in to the U.S. illegally.

While Espino has asked for help from the Mexican government to ease his city’s burden, it will be interesting to see if the Mexican federal government will turn it’s back on him as they have on the plight of U.S. mayors that have needed support from the Mexican government to stop illegal crossings from Mexico into the U.S.

The U.S. federal government has turned its back on the U.S. mayors for years, so what else is new? Distribution of handouts and maps to persons crossing back into Mexico, even if they are not Mexican citizens, to aid them in obtaining social services would be a great service that the Chamber of Commerce and like organizations could perform.

This would help to balance their many efforts in behalf of the business community to stop or cripple laws supported by the those people that have been burdened by the past 30 years of unimpeded illegal U.S entry by needy people from Mexico and further South.

Does a baby born in Mexico to a non-Mexican woman at the expense of the Mexican taxpayers get a Mexican citizenship?

Hopefully the article in The Sun on Jan. 14 about Espino’s plight, that was reprinted from the sister publication Bajo el Sol, will not be run in any Washington, D.C. papers. President Bush would propose sending U.S. tax dollars to Espino to tide him over until Bush’s Immigration/amnesty law can get passed by the new Democrat Congress.

He would probably call it revenue neutral because it would be money we would have spent on these people anyway.


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