Black anger grows as illegal immigrants transform urban neighborhoods.

Mexican gangs in Los Angeles, like Florencia 13, are waging a bloody campaign to drive blacks from neighborhoods.

Terry Anderson is angry. From his KRLA-AM radio perch in Los Angeles, the black talk-show host thunders, “I have gone on the streets and talked to people at random here in the black community, and they all ask me the same question: ‘Why are our politicians and leaders letting this happen?’ ” What’s got Anderson—motto: “If You Ain’t Mad, You Ain’t Payin’ Attention”—so worked up isn’t the Jena Six or nooses on Columbia University doorknobs; it’s the illegal immigrants who allegedly murdered three Newark college students last August. And when he excoriates politicians for “letting this happen,” he’s directing his fire at Congressional Black Caucus members who support open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens. “Massive illegal immigration has been devastating to my community,” Anderson, a former auto mechanic and longtime South Central Los Angeles resident, tells listeners. “Black Americans are hit the hardest.”

Though blacks have long worried that the country’s growing foreign-born population, especially its swelling rolls of illegal immigrants, harmed their economic prospects, they have also followed their political leadership in backing liberal immigration policies. Now, however, as new waves of immigration inundate historically African-American neighborhoods, black opinion is hardening against the influx. “We will not lay down and take this any longer,” says Anderson. If he’s right, it could upend the political calculus on immigration.

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3 Responses to “Black anger grows as illegal immigrants transform urban neighborhoods.”

  1. It is time for all citizens black, brown, white or purple to stand firm as Americans on this issue, this is not a racist problem, this is an attack on all facets of OUR America.
    E-verify or die!

  2. americanchaos Says:

    I agree, Im so tired of hearing about this all being generated towards race. It has nothing to do with race, its a matter of whats legal and whats not simple as that follow the law come here the legal way and you have nothing to worry about.

    The only reason the Pro illegal alien crowd uses the race card issue is because it is the only thing they have to play on to try and justify this illegal invasion.


  3. GUSTAMOTA Says:

    What really goes on is that since the sixities,seventies,eighties and nineties there where many Mexicans that where killed,mugged and tormented people, that remain silent. That these crimes were committed by blacks,negroes or african/americans aholes, so since the tables are turn whats the big deal, live with it and suck it up.

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