This Video Will Shock You!!!

Securing the border? …. NOW They want you the American tax payers to pay for illegal aliens lawyers through legislation, this video will shock you!


3 Responses to “This Video Will Shock You!!!”

  1. Debra Fidler Says:

    Who authored this bill? George Soros? It looks like an attempt from inside the government to hand the country over to Illegal Immigrants at taxpayers expense.

  2. americanchaos Says:

    I am not sure who but I do know one thing for sure, it’s time for Americas to . . . Wake up . . . GET EDUCATED . . . Stand up . . . Speak out . . . Fight back!

  3. This underscores one more problem with our elected government representatives. Because they are either lawyers or are supported by lawyers they are proposing more income for lawyers. The multi-million dollar class action lawsuits against businesses, against doctors and hospitals continue to drive up the costs at retail and the costs of our medical services. Get the lawyers out of government and get those that support more legal actions out of government.

    As far as the illegal immigration goes, secure the borders; require all employers to only employ legal immigrants. Those businesses that employ illegals will be fined and prosecuted to the fullest extent the allows. The illegal aliens will return home and get in line to immigrate legally.

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