The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Article XII

If so-called “Aztlan” was taken illegally or improperly, legal claims to that effect would have been filed 150 years ago. But they were not and there is a reason why. Lets look at the treaty, The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which brought an official end to the Mexican-American War (1846–48), wherein the Mexican government surrendered to the United States and entered into negotiations to end the war.

“In consideration of the extension acquired by the boundaries of the United States, as defined in the fifth article of the present treaty, the Government of the United States engages to pay to the Mexican Republic the sum of fifteen millions of dollars.”

Notice the 15 million dollars is specifically for “the extension acquired by the boundaries of the United States” (the land). The treaty is quite clear on this point. The payment was NOT for war reparations, NOR was it for restitution of unjust US policies, as some have claimed.

Let’s look at the simple facts:

1 – The US Government BOUGHT and PAID FOR the land that Mexicans now refer to as Aztlan.

2 – Mexico AGREED to sell this land to the United States in the terms spelled out in the treaty.

What about the “reclamation of Aztlan” by it’s “rightful people”?
First, this argument confuses “people” and “governments”. The “people” do not have the right to secede any territory from the Union. It was exactly that philosophy that led to the American Civil War. A sobering thought, to say the least.

Considering the US Government has already bought and paid for this land, in a negotiated deal that was agreed to by both parties. “Reclaiming the land” would be no different than if I sold you my house and my grandchildren came back and told you they were going to kick you out because the house was theirs. Insanely arguing that because their grandfather once lived there, they now have a “right to it” and they are taking it back “by any means necessary”.

When the U.S. Senate ratified the treaty, it deleted Article X (which guaranteed the protection of Mexican land grants).

Following the Senate’s ratification of the treaty, U.S. troops left Mexico City.

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

So we see that the treaty as ratified and accepted by the government does NOT guarantee the protection of Mexican land grants.

The bottom line is this; the land is legally and rightfully a part of the United States.
The Mexican government agreed to this and accepted payment for it from the United States.
So-called, self-styled La Raza MEChA are a militant, treasonous fraud…a Marxist enemy of the


One Response to “The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Article XII”

  1. While researching the origin of the hatred and resentment so prevalent among Mexicans towards Anglos, I ran across your site. I would like to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind:

    Are Mexicans angry because of the treaty in general, or, specifically, because of the deletion of Article X?

    Did Mexico ratify the treaty before or after the U.S. If before, then after ratification by the U.S. Senate during which time Article X was deleted, was the Mexican government informed of this change. If not, could this be the source of their contention?

    Thanks for your help!

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