We are NOT a Nation of Immigrants

How often have we heard the pro-illegal-alien crowd as well as other ‘clueless’ Americans repeat the mantra “after all we are a nation of immigrants, aren’t we?” The answer to that question is a loud and incontrovertible, NO! Most Americans today are NATIVE BORN and therefore NOT IMMIGRANTS! What is left unsaid in the above phrase is the significant fact that our American ancestors came to this country as LEGAL immigrants, which is the antithesis of the current invasion of ILLEGAL ALIENS supported by the open borders, pro-illegal alien crowd! The mantra “a nation of immigrants” is an inaccurate ‘branding’ of our current American culture and society. It is an incantation that contains substantial disinformation, some subtle, some blatant, which never seems to receive any scrutiny or debate.

So Are We a Nation of Immigrants?

It is true that our forefathers were immigrants, which makes the statement of “we are a nation of immigrants” seem to apply, if only in a historical context. This historical fact provides the mantra with a ‘ring-of-truth.’ This explains why, when the pro-illegal alien crowd throws down the ‘we are a nation of immigrants’ gauntlet, we accede to its premise! More accurately however, there is no doubt that today we are a nation consisting largely of NATIVE Americans NOT immigrants. However, because the ‘nation of immigrants’ sound-bite implies an underlying assumption of a ‘historical accuracy’ it makes it difficult to attack the mantra as inaccurate, because ‘on its face’ it appears to be a ‘truism!’

The problem is, that once we accept the mantra we are “a nation of immigrants” as a ‘truism’ we no longer examine or think about what those words actually say or mean. We don’t even understand what impact such assertions have upon reality! Nor, as typical Americans, will we have the time to consider what a profound effect there is in accepting such an unchallenged sound-bite! What are the effects on our American culture, society and self-perceptions if we accept this mantra as spoken and implied?


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